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designQ VS designQ Shop – What’s the Difference?!

Let’s start at the beginning.

What even is designQ? 

designQ is the interior design center for Qualico Builders, and a part of the Qualico Group of Companies. 

When you buy a new home from a Qualico Edmonton builder, you will receive an interior design appointment with designQ to select your interior finishing’s .(depending on the stage of construction of your new home)

Not only does designQ service builder clients, but we also design the showhomes for those builders. Which is where the idea of designQ Shop was born. 

Now jump ahead 8 years with me.

Enter designQ Shop. 

For years we’ve had the same question get asked over and over again – where can I buy the furniture I see in your showhomes?! So we thought why don’t we offer that same furniture for people to purchase? Thus the idea was born – and now here we are!

So what is the difference between the 2? Let’s break it down below. 

When you purchase a new home through Pacesetter Homes, Sterling Homes or Streetside Developments, you automatically get an interior design appointment with designQ to select the interior finishes for your home! *

designQ Shop is open to anyone! Purchased a new home with a different builder? Live in an older home? Your Grandma really, really needs a new couch? Send them our way! 

At designQ you will select the interior finishing’s for your new home. Items such as the flooring, paint, cabinetry, plumbing, doors, railing, and so on. *

At designQ Shop you can select the interior comfort’s for your home – old or new! Items such as blinds, drapery, wall features, furnitre & decor. 

Your designQ Interior Selections appointment will always take place as far away from the possession of your home as possible. This will allow the builder lots of time to order and install the products. 

The designQ Shop appointment can happen at any time, suited to your schedule! However, we are able to coordinate the install of certain items to happen before you move in – so if you are able to get it done soon enough then go for it! 

Our entire product library is online, so you can search by the builder to see all the options they offer. You can add items to your wishlist, and then bring them with you to your appointment. 

None of the interior selection items can be purchased online, only at your design appointment. 

Most items from the Shop are available to purchase online with any major credit card. In addition you can finance your purchase through PayBright as well! You also have the option to come in to the design center for a free consultation, and purchase items at that time.

When you purchase a new home with any of the Qualico Edmonton builders, your interior design appointment is free!*

Even if you purchase a home that is already completed, all of the interior selections were selected by designers at designQ. So no matter what stage the house is at, you still get a home with designer curated selections. 

* Applicable only to homes under construction, and subject to builder’s discretion. 

An interior design consultation with designQ Shop is always complimentary, and with no obligation to buy anything! 

No matter what type of home you have, whether it’s a new build, old build, a renovation, or anything else – we would love to opportunity to help you design a beautiful space you can feel comfortable in. 

designQ is a one-stop shop! You can select everything for the interior of your home under one roof – which makes it convenient, easy and fun. Our professional interior designers work in partnership with your builder to ensure everything going into your home is accurate, and suited to your homes plans. 

However, some interior finishes may be limited to select depending on the stage of construction of your new home. 

If you have built a home with a Qualico Edmonton builder already, then we will have access to your interior selections and your job plans. Making selecting the interior comforts to coordinate with your selections quick and easy!  Our professional interior designers are also very familiar with staging by blueprints, and ensuring all furniture will fit in the intended location in your home. 

Our product library is primarily online and in the showhomes throughout the city, so there may be a bit of travel involved on your part should you wish to see a piece in person. 

Thank you!

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Why Adding Window Coverings to your Home is a Smart Investment

Let me start with asking you a question.

What do you expect from your windows? 

a) Thermal Control – keeping the heat in, and the cold out and vice-versa depending on the season

b) Blocking harmful UV rays from entering my home, protecting my flooring & furniture

c) Keep prying eyes out!

d) All of the above!

If you picked any of the above options, then you need to get window coverings for your home. Most people might assume that window blinds and drapery are just for decoration and light control, but that’s not entirely accurate. They play a much bigger role than one might think! 

BRRR.. Baby It's Cold Outside!

During the winter months, having the right window covering is crucial to keeping the cold air out. While any type of window blind will help insulate your windows, and keep you snug and warm, we have found that the best option is the Cellular Shade. 

Cellular shades have little built in honeycomb pockets to help add an extra layer of protection between the icy air outside, and the warm air inside. 

Whatever window covering you do choose, it’s important to keep the blind or shade open during the day on the windows that get full sun, and closed when the sun sets to create a barrier from the cold. 

Adding drapery panels around your blinds or shades can help create an additional layer of protection as well, and they also look beautiful too! 

Oh Wait.. Now It's Hot, Hot, Hot

It may be hot outside, but it doesn’t have to be inside! In the warmer months of the year, window coverings still act as a buffer but in the opposite way to winter. They can help keep the cool air in, and the hot air out. 

Blackout shades can be especially useful for blocking out most of the heat, and the light, keeping the room cooler longer. 

It’s important to keep shades, blinds or shutters completely closed and lowered on sunny windows. In doing this, you can help reduce heat gain by up to 45%. 

Keep Them Rays Out!

Ultraviolet radiation (UV Rays) is a form of electromagnetic radiation that is invisible to the human eye. UV rays are present in sunlight, and can be harmful to not only your skin, but also your furniture & the inside of your home because you guessed it – UV rays enter your home right through your windows! 

Over time, to much exposure to direct sunlight can make the fabric on your sofas and chairs fade, and the wood elements prone to breaking & cracking.

In addition to potentially harming your furniture, it can also effect things like your flooring. Overtime it can dry, warp, crack or fade your beautiful hardwood flooring. 

Unfortunately they don’t make sunscreen for floors or sofa’s yet (and even if they did – can you imagine applying that every day?!) So what’s left? Your windows of course! Used properly, window coverings can dramatically reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that enter your home. 

dining room furniture

Peek-a-Boo.. I see you!

Your home is YOUR home. Your sanctuary. Your private getaway. Whatever you call it – it’s yours and no one else’s. So why would you want all your neighbors peeking into your windows to see if you are actually there, and not just ignoring the doorbell? 

Any type of window covering will give you the added privacy you are wanting, while still looking great as well. An added perk though to having a wood blind is you can subtly peek through them to spy on that new neighbor who just moved in across the street. 

So why should you invest in window coverings? 

a) They will save you money by reducing your overall heating bills

b) They will help your furniture and flooring last longer

c) Karen from next door will never know you are home

d) They will add value, and a beautiful finishing touch to your home!

Thank you!

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