blinds components

The 4 main components to a blind or shade

While there are a few different styles of blinds or shades, they all share 4 basic components. In each of those components, there are many variations you can choose, but the base function is the same. 

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The Cassette

Alternate Names: Valance or Header.

Purpose: To conceal the “roll” of fabric, or material.

Styles: Each style of blind or shade will have different cassette options available, but a few of the more common ones are:

  • Compact Cassette – This is a pretty standard style and size of cassette. Not to large, not to small — just right!
  • Large Cassette –  A bit larger than a compact cassette, this option will add a more modern feel to your windows
  • Square Cassette – This is the next size up, and adds a bit more definition.
  • Grande Cassette – Go big or go home, right? This cassette will add a bold statement to your decor.
  • Decorative Valance – A decorative valance is only available with a faux wood or wood blind. 
  • Opera Cassette – This cassette is only available when you add an “Opera” shade. 

Finishes: The finish option varies by cassette style, but you can select either a mirage finish, which is a smooth metal material in a coordinating color or you can get it fabric wrapped

blinds components
blinds components
blinds components
blinds components

The Bottom Rail

Alternate Names: Hem bar

Purpose: It is how the bottom edge is finished, and keeps the fabric weighted down. 

Styles: Each style of blind will offer different bottom rail options. 

  • Open – This style of hem bar is made with a piece of tubing clamped onto the bottom of the shade, and finished in a coordinating color.
  • Closed –  The fabric of the shade is wrapped around the aluminum weight, and offers a low profile. It is often the most common hem bar chosen. 
  • Trapezoid Rail – This is available only on faux woods and wood blinds. It comes in a coordinating color to the slat color chosen.
blinds components
blinds components
blinds components
blinds components

The Operating System

Purpose: How you open and close the blind or shade.

Styles: Each style of blind or shade will have different operating system options available, but a few of the more common ones are:

  • Plastic Chain – The plastic chain is standard on most styles, and comes in a coordinating color to the material color selected. 
  • Cord Loop –  A cord loop offers a bit more of a quieter opening then a plastic chain. It is only available in white, and only on certain styles of shades.
  • Cordless – If you have children, cordless is an excellent option to add as it removes any hanging cords, which can potentially be a hazard for small kids. 
  • Motorization – Feeling a bit fancier? Then you need to add in a motorization option to control your shades at the click of a button. 
  • Cord Tilt with Tassels – This option is only available on a faux wood or wood blinds. It has the same function as a plastic chain, and comes in a coordinating color. 
blind components
blind components
blind components
blind components

The Material

The material of a blind or shade really depends on which style you select.

Faux Woods are made from a blend of resin & wood, and offer many different colors. 

Wood blinds are made from bass wood, and also offer many colors. 

Roller Shades, Dual Shades, and the like have a wide variety of fabric colors, textures and opacities to choose from. 

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