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5 Unique Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bedrooms shouldn’t be boring. Add a touch of personality to them with these 5 unique bedroom furniture ideas. 

1 | Beside Tables

The 1st bedroom furniture idea is the overused and under appreciated bedside table. Normally when you think of bedroom furniture, you think of a matching set. The bedframe should match the nightstands which match the dresser. But that’s not the case anymore. Our designers love to mix it up by adding accent tables or end tables, that are normally meant for the living room! 

More recently though our designers have thought outside the box by utilizing vintage items such as antique suitcases and chairs. 

Showhome: Sterling Homes Reveal in Cavanagh.

bedroom furniture ideas

2 | Bed Frames

Step outside of the norm and add in a bold bed frame as a focal point to your bedroom. There are so many different options for a unique bed frame, that the tough part won’t be finding one but choosing one! It’s a good idea to narrow it down by knowing what your design style is. Click here to take a quick design style quiz, then start looking for that unique piece. 

Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Calypso in Jensen Lakes

bedroom furniture ideas

3 | Headboards

If you don’t want to go with a full bed frame, you can also choose to do a unique headboard instead. Our designers love doing custom headboards that are more of a décor item in itself, rather than just a headboard. Try adding custom made cushions and hanging them off a drapery rod behind your bed. We also love this IKEA headboard with built in storage space.

Showhome: Sterling Homes Maroon in Langdale

bedroom furniture ideas

4 | Ditch the Dresser

Most new homes nowadays have huge walk in closets. Which asks the question – why do you even need a dresser? A dresser is one of those things that we have just always had, our grandparents had one, our parents had one, and so on. But does that mean you have to to? 

Make use of that extra space in your room by adding a unique console table, or maybe even a bench for somewhere to sit and put your socks on. 

Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Madeline in Cy Becker
Console Table: Helios II Console Table from designQ Shop

home furnishings

5 | Add a Bold Element

This last bedroom furniture idea isn’t really furniture related, but we had to mention it. 

Be BOLD. Add in a statement component to your bedroom that will have you wanting to go to bed. This could be in the form of a feature wall, a large & unique art piece or even some fun drapery panels. This is your space, and should reflect your personality. The rest of the house can be simple, but your room doesn’t get much traffic (usually!) so spice it up a bit and be unique. Be you

Showhome: Sterling Homes Milan Showhome in Langdale
Wallpaper: Boho Chic Mural from designQ Shop

bohemian wallpaper

Want more Bedroom Furniture Ideas?

Check out this inspiration gallery from our recent showhome projects, and shop the furniture too! Click here to view all bedroom furniture available at designQ Shop.

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