assurance showhome sterling homes

Feature Showhome: The Assurance by Sterling Homes

This week’s feature showhome is the Assurance by Sterling Homes. The overall design concept for this home is modern desert, and it doesn’t disappoint.  Read on as we unpack the style of home, the design concept and the pieces we used.

For the full videos on this home, check out our Instagram page @designqyeg. 

All About the Assurance

We met up with Sterling Area Sales Manager, Brady Gonek, and asked him to share a few hi- lights about the Sansa model. Here is what he had to say:

Size: 2263 sqft
Type: Single Family Attached Home
Floorplan: Open Concept
Main Floor Perks: Main floor flex room which could be used as an office, play area or bedroom. The dining area has a large patio door letting in lots of natural light to the open concept main. 
Upper Floor Features:  Primary bedroom has a 5 piece ensuite and walk in closet. There are not just 2, but 3 generous sized bedrooms at the front of the home! A laundry room, 4 piece bathroom and loft area complete the upper floor.
Bonus! This particular showhome showcases the optional finished basement, fully done up and decorated. 

The Design Concept

assurance showhome sterling homes
Next we had Madison, our Senior Showhome Designer, explain the design concept and how you can achieve the same look in your home. 

Using the Sterling Homes Santorini Breeze color palette as the inspiration for this home, our team was inspired to stage the home with a modern desert feel.


One way to achieve this same look in your home is to warm leather materials, rusty-terracotta colors and grassy elements such as pampas grass. Even everything out with light, airy linens to create an open feel.

Completing the Look

Lastly, Chelsi spoke about the finishes and products used in the home to really complete the overall desert oasis theme.
The living room features a sleek sofa with a nice soft textured fabric in a light color, which allows you to really accentuate with desert like colors & patterns on the pillows.
The focal point of the main floor and primary bedroom is the use of the Glimmerputz plaster on the focal walls. This application gives the walls a Terrazzo look and feel, which really helps to incorporate the desert vibe.
Bring in more natural elements and materials through leather or rattan chairs, concrete side tables, jute area rugs and even décor pieces such as the woven baskets hung on the walls as you can see in the flex room.
assurance showhome sterling homes
assurance showhome sterling homes
sansa sterling homes

Feature Showhome: The Sansa by Sterling Homes

This week’s feature showhome is the Sansa by Sterling Homes. The overall design concept for this home is modern industrial, and it is a stunner.  Read on as we unpack the style of home, the design concept and the pieces we used.

For the full videos on this home, check out our Instagram page @designqyeg. 

All About the Sansa

sansa showhome sterling homes
sansa showhome sterling homes

We met up with Sterling Area Sales Manager, Brady Gonek, and asked him to share a few hi- lights about the Sansa model. Here is what he had to say:

Size: 1477 sqft
Type: Single Family Detached Home
Floorplan: Open Concept
Main Floor Perks: Rear wrap around kitchen with a ton of counter space, a large island perfect for entertaining and a huge window to let in lots of natural light. 
Upper Floor Features: Primary bedroom has an ensuite and walk in closet. There are 2 generous sized bedrooms at the back of the house, and enough space left over for a loft and laundry closet. 
Bonus! This particular showhome showcases a legal basement suite, fully done up and decorated. 

The Design Concept

Next we had Nicole, one of our showhome designers, explain the design concept and how you can achieve the same look in your home. 
Using the Sterling Homes Santorini Breeze color palette as the inspiration for this home, our team was inspired to stage the home with a modern organic feel with industrial elements throughout. 
One way to achieve this same look in your home is to use dark, industrial pieces combined with raw, natural materials.  For example, you can pair an industrial style bedframe with wooden nightstands and simplistic art as shown in the primary bedroom. 

Completing the Look

Lastly, Chelsi spoke about the finishes and products used in the home to really complete the overall modern organic look. The main elements used throughout the home are plenty of natural wood pieces, kept simple to keep with the modern theme.
The focal point of the main floor is the industrial faux concrete wall panels that harmoniously combine the great room and dining space. 
To ground the space we used black features such as black dining and coffee tables, black framed chairs, black sideboards and a black bed frame, which ties in the industrial vibe.
sansa showhome sterling homes
sansa sterling homes
home décor style

How to Find Your Home Décor Style

Interior design is very subjective, and each home décor style can mean something different to everyone. While there are quite a few different home décor styles, we’ve rounded up the top 6 trending interior design styles for 2022. We’ve also included a fun little quiz so you can find out exactly what your home décor style is! 

Scroll down to view all interior home décor styles, or select an option to jump straight to that style. 

Mid Century Modern
Modern Farmhouse
West Coast

Home Décor Style 1: Minimalist

home décor style

The minimalist design style uses the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. Furniture and décor pieces should have clean straight lines and are paired with soft neutrals like beige, grey and tone on tone to create a calming monochromatic color palette. Soft delicate textures are incorporated into this color palette to create a sophisticated and calming space. 

The minimalist space acts as a quiet retreat from your hectic day to day life.

Home Décor Style 2: Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern style is defined by clean lines and organic forms. This style was popularized during the chic ‘Rat Pack’ era with it’s classically understated nostalgia. A vast range of color and materials are used with a style ode to the past. 

This style utilizes repurposed vintage or antique furniture and retro shapes. 

Home Décor Style 3: Modern Farmhouse

home décor style

The Modern Farmhouse style will envelope you in cozy comfort with wood finishes and natural décor. The overall neutral color palette of warm whites and wood tones pairs beautifully with high contrast black fixtures and accents. Natural materials such as aged wood and brick help create a soothing environment that embraces a rustic lifestyle, but still appeals to modern day family life. 

Home Décor Style 4: Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is minimalistic, simple and functional. It includes the use of natural materials such as leathers and woods. It is heavily influenced by nature and creating a connection with nature. This combines the use of natural shapes, abstract and natural elements. 

Most color palettes associated with this design focus on neutral tones. Including the use of greys, whites, browns and blacks. Pops of colour can be added within decor pieces to help add personal touches to the space.

Home Décor Style 5: West Coast

The West Coast design style is all about combining comfort & cozy with clean profiles and understated hues, creating the perfect family friendly space. Warm grey tones mixed with natural textures and sleek fixtures help create a casual, tailored vibe. 

This style is easy to incorporate into any home, as it provides a neutral background for your furniture & décor pieces. It’s all about having a bright, airy interior that channels your inner Studio McGee.

Home Décor Style 6: Zendustrial

home décor styles

The Zendustrial style is a fusion of Zen & Industrial, pulling together key features from each style and tying them together seamlessly. Warm earth tones combined with natural looking materials create a raw look that is soft around the edges.

This style focuses on creating balance, harmony and feelings of relaxation through neutral finishes, but then taking it up a notch by pulling inspiration from raw, natural materials such as wood and concrete.

Want even more information about each design style, including furniture & décor recommendations and offers? Fill out the form below!

custom built furniture

What are the pros and cons of buying custom furniture?

Want to design your next piece of furniture, but aren’t sure if it’s right for you? Designing your own couch is the equivalent of going to Build-A-Bear as a child (or adult – we won’t judge). Read below as we uncover the pros and cons to buying custom furniture, as well as answer some of your top questions about the process.



Now that you have a good idea of the pros and cons of buying custom furniture, let’s go over some of our clients top questions they have when thinking about designing custom furniture.

What Types of Custom Furniture Can I Design?

The answer to this question really depends on how much you are willing to spend on custom furniture. Anything can be custom – for a price! For this article, let’s focus on more ‘mainstream’ custom furniture. The most common types of custom furniture are sofa’s, sectionals, and beds

These categories of furniture allow you to choose what size, shape, fabric you want plus you can add in decorative accents like nail heads or piping if you wish! 

Custom Sofa
Photo: Ellerston Showhome by Pacesetter Homes
Custom Sectional
Photo: Cypress Showhome by Pacesetter Homes
Custom Bed
Photo: Calypso Showhome by Pacesetter Homes

How Much Does Custom Furniture Cost?

The answer to this question is… it depends! When you are looking at designing your own couch or bed, there are a ton of different options to choose from, all of which can effect the cost quite dramatically. 

The prices shown here are based on standard sizes and a base fabric selection. 

What Types of Things Can I Custom?

Pretty much anything and everything! Below are the top 3 items our customers and designers have added to their custom furniture in the past. 

custom furniture

The Fabric

This goes without saying really. Probably one of the top advantages of designing your own furniture is that you can pick exactly what color and material you want it to be. There are literally hundreds of options from neutral tones of white, beige and grey to brighter and bolder shades of pink, purple and blue. 

Don’t forget about the material as well. Have kids or animals? Choose a material that will be durable and long lasting. Don’t have kids or animals? Why not opt for something more luxurious like leather or velvet. 

The Dimensions

No matter the type of custom furniture you are purchasing, you can always make it fit into any space you have. 

Let’s use a sectional sofa for example. When it comes to building a custom sectional, you choose each ‘section’ of the couch, of which there are many. Think of it like building a puzzle. Choose a left arm section, add 2 middle sections plus a corner, maybe another single section and then pop a chaise on the end. Boom – instant Netflix and chill spot. 

custom furniture

The Finishing Details

Ok so you’ve found the perfect style. You’ve chosen the fabric best suited to your lifestyle. It will fit into your space like a glove. But, there is just something not quite right still… 

Buttons! Add a row of simple buttons to the back of the sofa, and now it’s perfect. 

If buttons aren’t your thing how about adding horizontal or vertical channels, or maybe some subtle tufting or piping or even change the color of the legs! 

Can I Return Custom Furniture?

Unfortunately, the answer to this will typically be no. It does depend on the store you’ve purchased from however, like most custom products, it has been specifically designed to suite you. This is why it’s important to ensure the selections you’ve made for your custom piece can transition with you throughout the different phases of your life. Most importantly though – triple measure the space before purchasing! 

How Can I Get Started Designing My Custom Furniture?

Most stores that sell custom furniture will allow you to build, price and purchase it online, however for this type of purchase it’s always best to meet with a designer. 

By meeting with a designer or consultant, they will be able to best select & layout the piece of furniture to your space. They will also have fabric swatches on hand, allowing you to touch and feel the fabric and see the colors in person. 

Most furniture stores will have a design consultation, allowing you to book an appointment with a designer to go over your options! 

custom sofas edmonton custom sofas edmonton
types of window coverings

Window Coverings Simplified: All About the Different Types of Shades & Drapery

Window Coverings are an item that every home needs. When it comes to choosing the right type for your home there are many different styles available, each with their own pro’s and con’s. 

To help you better understand the differences between each type of window shade and drapery options, our team at designQ has put together a simplified guide to tell you what you really need to know about each type. 

Roller Shades

Simple & Clean Design. Effortlessly Modern. Roller Shades have a clean, simple design and go well with almost any décor. They are very easy to operate and to clean. Roller Shades come in a variety of different fabric colors, patterns and textures. Click here to view even more information about the roller shade. 

Video Filmed in the Ellerston Showhome by Pacesetter Homes.

Dual Shades

Distinct Design. Beautiful Style. Dual Shades are a unique shade with exceptional light flexibility and easy operation. With alternating vanes of fabric, 1 sheer and 1 solid, the dual shade will add a statement to any room in your home. Available in a multitude of fabric colors & materials. Click here to view even more information about the dual shade. 

Video Filmed in the Calypso Showhome by Pacesetter Homes.

Sunset Shades

Elegant and simple design. Long lasting style. Sunset Shades are a beautiful shade with light flexibility and easy operation. Sunset Shades will offer a soft statement to any room in your home, combining sheer & solid vanes of fabric for a stunning look. Click here to view even more information about the sunset shade. 

Video Filmed in the Cypress Showhome by Pacesetter Homes.


Drapery is something that can take a room from nice to wow! Whether you are looking for a simple drapery panel to seamlessly coordinate with your décor, or a custom drapery panel to make an impact, there are many different options available. When adding drapery panels to your home, there are quite a few components to think about. In this video we’ve broken that down for you to make it simple and easy to have a custom drapery look in your home. Click here to view even more information about our custom drapery program.

Video filmed in the Sansa Showhome by Sterling Homes and the Cypress & Ellerston Showhomes by Pacesetter Homes.

While there are a few other types of window coverings available, these are typically the most common, and the most affordable. To learn more about other types of window coverings available, please reach out to us

pacesetter homes secretariat showhome

How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

When buying a new home, the last thing on your mind is selling it! But it’s still a good idea to consider how the items you add to your home now will effect the resale value of it later. So how do you improve the resale value of your home? We asked top Edmonton Real Estate agent, Ron Dickson – Senior Vice President of Sales for Sotheby’s Realty, and here is what he had to say. 

Q: What is the perceived value to a home buyer if the home has professionally selected and installed design features, such as blinds, drapery or feature walls?

Savvy home buyers have a high level of expectation. Comparing the value of having these features as opposed to not having them could be the difference if perhaps the potential buyer was leaning one way or the other.  Any opportunity to invest in a “showhome” feel is always money well spent.

Most buyers in today’s busy lifestyle are looking to eliminate decisions from their everyday life. In other words , if you can invest in “on trend” design elements and features, you are protecting your investment. Buyers want to see it as though it was featured in a magazine , and within a certain range , are definitely willing to pay for it.  The key to protecting your asset is to keep it current and on trend. Window treatments and feature walls are a cost effective way to keep your property “in the Game”. 

Q: Would having wall features (not selected by the new buyer) already installed in the home hinder the resale value of a home?

Today’s busy buyer doesn’t necessarily want to pick out features. The smart home owners leave that decision making process to the professional designers. Especially in a home 5yrs or older. Trends and design elements change so rapidly that buyers and consumers can barley keep up. It is in my experience that the consumer appreciates these things completed and decided in advance. 

Q: For those looking to rent a home, how would having designer features in a rental property be beneficial?

As like everything in the consumer world , the end user desires the best return on their money. In the example of investors appealing to a potential tenant , this is a highly competitive pool to draw from. All of the above mentioned features and design elements are exactly what a discerning renter insists upon. Good tenants are hard to find , but they are out there. 

Some people choose to rent vs owning for various reasons. Nonetheless of what that reason may be , they are willing to pay top dollar for personal preference and high quality properties. 

Q: So – will adding window coverings, wall features or other designer elements to your home increase the homes resale value?

To attract the most amount of money as either a homeowner who wishes to sell , a buyer who wishes to protect their future asset or an investor who wishes to command top rents , all of the design elements mentioned here including window treatments, feature walls etc , are all very crucial and more so when done by an expert interior design professional. It all adds up to greater net dollars in your pocket in each scenario. 

About Ron Dickson

A REALTORS® in Edmonton for over 20 years, Ron is regarded by his peers both locally and nationally, as a pioneer in marketing and sales in the real estate industry. He continues to think bigger, always innovating and improving in order to achieve better results for his clients. The results speak for themselves.

Ron is passionate about real estate and is a passionate Edmontonian. When not working, Ron spends his time with his 5 children and 3 grandchildren. 

In the company, Ron is the thought leader, the collaborator and the head of our builder division.  Ron was instrumental in bringing the team and brand together in Edmonton and uniting each in a spirit of innovation and client-centric collaboration.

To learn more about designer selected features that you can add to your home, check out our other blogs below. 

spring decorating ideas

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is in the air, and so it’s time to get your spring decorating into full gear. We headed out to our local HomeSense to purchase a few things to transform this home from winter ready to spring ready. Check out our top 6 spring decorating ideas below! 

1 | Organize and De-Clutter

This may not be a decorating tip per-say, but you can’t start re-decorating until you’ve cleaned up the clutter from Fall and Winter. Set aside some time to go through your pantry & drawers, closets and cupboards and ditch anything you didn’t even remember you had. 

Often times our pantries will get muddle with old, almost empty chip bags or the containers you bought to hold the cereals will hold up the cereal boxes instead of holding in the cereal. It’s time to re-organize and re-purpose to get a fresh start. 

Another great de-cluttering idea is to go through the closets in your home, and put your winter cloths into boxes for next year, and replace them with your summer clothes. This will keep your closets tidy, and your mornings running smoothly. If you have older items or pieces your kids might have outgrown consider donating them to a local charity. 

2 | Fresh Flowers or Greenery

spring decorating ideas

Transitioning over from the heavy Fall and Winter foliage, Spring is the time to bring in beautiful fresh flowers in natural colors to brighten up your home. Tulips are an obvious choice as they scream Spring, but you can also try flowers such as lilies, orchids or daffodils. Anything that symbolizes new growth and warmer days ahead. 

If you aren’t a fan of fresh flowers, you can still liven things up by adding in faux flowers. The look of artificial flowers these days is sometimes hard to determine if they are fake or real. Which means you can still have the attention fresh flowers demand, but without the upkeep. 

Greenery such as ferns, palms or eucalyptus are also a great choice to bring in that Spring feel to your home. And if you can add in a tulip or two – all the better! 

3 | Swap Upholstery & Linens

During the winter months we wanted cozy, warm and snuggly fabrics to keep us snug and warm. We typically went for deeper, warmer shades to help with the overall feel of comfort and warmth. 

But warmer days are ahead and it’s time to ditch those dark tones and bring in some bright, cheerful colors. One way to achieve this is to swap out pillows, throw blankets and bed sheets. 

Spring colors are typically yellows, pinks, light blues and greens. It’s amazing how just a few simple throw pillows can really transform the look of a room. 

spring decorating ideas

4 | Spring Table Settings

spring decorating ideas

Another easy way to bring in Spring is to swap our your place settings at the table. This is something that is often overlooked, but it makes so much sense! Dishes such as plates, bowls and cups are no longer something that you can only get with your wedding registry. Pop over to your local HomeSense and you will find a ton of seasonal place settings at great prices. Meaning you can have a set for all 4 seasons! 

Similar to the idea of switching out pillows and throw blankets on your couch, try swapping the deep blue napkins to bright yellow, and adding in fun, airy placemats. Then of course add in a beautiful fresh flower centerpiece, and Voila! Spring has arrived for breakfast. 

5 | Bright & Light Window Coverings

spring decorating ideas

Another spring decorating idea to help freshen up your home, is to switch out drapery panels. This one may not be feasible to everyone but we love the idea of having crisp, white or cream panels for spring and summer and to leave the deep, velvety colors for fall and winter. 

Linen or sheer type material is best for a natural, beach-like aesthetic. The idea is to let the sunshine and summer breeze in to create a relaxing, fresh space. 

6 | Spring Décor 

Last but not least – spring décor. This spring decorating idea is probably the easiest way to bring spring into your home, and also the most fun! 

There are a lot of different ways to spruce up your décor. You can try switching out frames in your home with cute spring images, adding fresh smelling candles and even adding in a few bunny’s or chicks here and there. It can be as simple as heading to your local décor store and purchasing a few key items such as those mentioned above. Just be sure to get there early in the season to get the good stuff! 

See the Transformation!

custom built furniture

Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Willow in Secord. 
Spring décor purchased at HomeSense. 

feature wall ideas

Feature Wall Ideas From Our Showhome Designers

Feature Walls in your home is one trend that has been around for a few years now, and we don’t see it going away anytime soon. Feature walls can really add a unique touch to your home, and make the space tie in with your personality and vision for your home. There are many different feature walls to choose from, so no matter what style you are going for, there is for sure something that will fit. 

While it’s true that you can add a feature wall pretty much anywhere in your home, there are some places that have more of an impact than others. Our showhome designers are pro’s at determining the best place to add some punch to a home, and make it really stand out. Here are a few of the most common areas:

The Great Room and/or Nook

Alright this one is pretty obvious. The great room is one of the most used rooms in a home, aside from the kitchen. And in most newer homes, the kitchen (and most times the nook) is open to the great room so really it’s all one in the same. 

Having a bold feature wall in this main space can really set the tone for your overall design style. The best spot to put a feature wall in the great room is typically on the same wall with the TV outlet on it. That wall will usually be the focus of the room, so it’s best to draw attention to it with a stunning wall feature. Alternatively, if you have a large wall that encompasses both the great room & nook, this is a great spot for a feature wall. 

brick feature wall
Product: Classic Brick ; Vintage White
Showhome: Sterling Homes Sansa in The Uplands

The Fireplace Boxout

A huge trend in homes today is to not just have a fireplace, but to have a fireplace dressed in style. The more traditional mantles have been replaced with a more modern, sleek design. This will usually include a floating mantle – either above the fireplace unit or below – and some sort of a feature wall. 

You do need to be careful when adding a feature wall around a gas fireplace though, as some products are not fire rated (wallpaper for example). Typically as long as it’s above the mantle you will be just fine! 

edmonton wall features
Product: Lime Concrete ; Natural
Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Secretariat in Aster

The Half Bath

The half bath (or powder room) is that little bath with a toilet & sink on your main floor. This is also typically the bathroom that would be used by visitors. So it makes sense to liven it up a bit with a neat feature wall. 

Because of it’s smaller size, the half bath is a room that you can really do something bold in. Try adding a funky wallpaper or even faux concrete panels to give it an urban, industrial feel. You also don’t (and shouldn’t) do all the walls in the half bath. Stick to just 1 wall, most commonly behind the sink & toilet. Another added bonus – smaller wall = smaller price tag! 

Product: Urbanscape 2224
Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Willow in Secord

The Owners Suite

The owners suite is the perfect place to add in something that really speaks to you. This space is all about relaxation and recharging, so why not spruce it up a bit? Maybe you want to have a space that feels like you are in a mountain lodge, or a luxurious spa retreat.  Having a room that you can unwind in with things that make you happy is the key to a positive mindset. 

You also don’t necessarily need to add in the same feature wall as other rooms in your home either! It is separate enough from the rest of the home that you can mix it up. 

feature wall ideas
Product: AS-IS Barn Wood; Brown-Ish
Showhome: Sterling Homes Allure in The Uplands

The Ceiling

If you want to really turn things upside down, why not do a feature ceiling?! Before you start looking up, keep in mind the following when it comes to adding a feature above your head. 

First, the ceiling must be flat. You can’t install a feature wall over top of a stipple ceiling. No texture is best. Secondly, keep in mind the height of your ceiling. Adding a feature wall to a regular 8′ (or even 9′) ceiling may or may not work, depending of course on the material. The darker and ‘heaver’ the material, the shorter your room will look. 

The best ceilings to add a feature too are recessed or vaulted ceilings as they will be taller than your standard ceiling height. 

Product: Singapore 52006
Showhome: Sterling Homes Thomas in Kinglet Gardens

Now that you have a better idea of where you could put a feature wall, it’s time to start thinking about what feature wall you want to showcase in your home! Click here to see the options offered at designQ Shop, including an information video on each product! 

wallpaper interior design

Wallpaper: The Good, The Bad & The Pretty

Want to know the truth behind one of the biggest interior design trend for 2022? That’s right – wallpaper is back. But this isn’t your Grandma’s wallpaper. The current styles of wallpaper range from simple, to large florals, geometric patterns and even grasscloth and highly textured papers. 

Adding wallpaper to any room in your home can make a huge impact – even if the room is tiny. 

But what about all of the bad things you think you know about wallpaper. Is it really impossible to remove once it’s on? Is it a pain to install? Is it really hugely expensive?

Well, read on to find out all there is to know about wallpaper, including the best locations in your home to put it that will make the biggest interior design impact. 

The Good


Most feature wall products are very direct in the look they offer. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing if the look you are trying to achieve has a very specific style – like adding a barn wood product in a farmhouse nook, or concrete panels in an industrial loft. 

However if you aren’t really sure what interior design style you are going for, or maybe want something a bit softer and less “in your face”, than wallpaper can give you that. 

With literally thousands of different styles, textures and types of wallpaper you are sure to find a wallpaper that will suit whatever you are looking for. 

Now keep in mind you can still find some pretty bold patterns within the wallpaper world that will knock the socks off barn wood any day. 

And let’s not forget that wallpaper can be installed pretty much anywhere without any safety concerns (think barn wood with babies?). Try installing it in family rooms, kitchens, powder rooms, nurserys, mudrooms and even on a ceiling! 

wallpaper interior design
Photo: Pacesetter Homes Secord Showhome (closed)

Ease of Use

When it comes to hanging artwork or wall décor on top of a feature wall, depending on the material of the wall product, it can be a bit trickier. But with wallpaper, you can easily hang just about anything on the wall as if there isn’t even wallpaper there. 

Depending on the style of wallpaper chosen, it is also easier to switch out the art or wall décor to a different style or shape. Especially if you’ve selected a paper on the more transitional side of the interior design spectrum. 


dining room furniture
Photo: Pacesetter Homes Willow Showhome 


If you are looking at doing a feature wall in your home, wallpaper can certainly be one of the more price conscious options. When compared to other feature wall products such as barn wood, tile, thin brick or even a custom painted mural, wallpaper is the way to go if you are looking for a big impact at low cost. 

bohemian wallpaper
Photo: Sterling Homes Milan Showhome (closed)

The Bad (ish)

wallpaper interior design
Photo: Pacesetter Homes Secord Showhome (closed)


It’s no secret that wallpaper can be difficult to install. Lining up patterns is hard enough but when it comes to a wall with many things on it – such as a powder room – that can be the trickiest. Cutting around a toilet and sink and making it look good isn’t for the faint of heart.

So why not hire a professional wallpaper installer. Having someone install your wallpaper for you will ensure 3 things:

  1. Your new feature wall will look amazing when installation is complete.
  2. You will feel peach of mind, and not all sweaty and upset.
  3. There will not be the added expense of a professional mediator after the job is done (ok so maybe that’s a bit extreme, but have you ever had to build IKEA furniture with your partner? Same thing applies here)
wallpaper interior design
Photo: Pacesetter Homes College Woods Showhome (closed)


Yes it’s true. Wallpaper can be arduous to remove. 

However the type of backing on the wallpaper will determine the difficulty level for removal. 

Traditional wallpapers are just that – paper. Meaning when removed it could (and probably will) rip easily which means taking it off in tiny pieces over a long period of time. 

Vinyl based wallpaper is a great alternative option as it is easier to remove because of the addition of the vinyl. Bonus – it’s also more durable and easy to clean! 

If you are wanting something a bit more environmentally friendly though, consider non-woven wallpaper. Non-Woven wallpapers contain synthetic fibers – more like a fabric. They are completely vinyl free and still super easy to remove. They do not tear easily and will come off in one long strip! 

wallpaper interior design
Photo: Pacesetter Homes Desrochers Showhome

Price… wait, again?

I know we grouped ‘price’ into the good category, but it also can be considered to be in the bad (ish) category as well. 

When looking to invest in a wallpaper for your home price can be a huge determining factor in your selection. 

Wallpaper prices can range from $50 / double roll to $400 / double roll. Which is a huge price range, and can be on the pricey side depending on what style of paper you choose.

But consider this. You get what you pay for. 

I cannot stress this enough. If you want a wallpaper that is durable, long lasting, environmentally friendly, feels and looks great (yes feels – there is a difference, trust me) and is easy to install and remove then spending a bit more at the start is 100% worth it.

The Pretty

This category is really just about showing all the pretty looks you can get with the wide range of wallpaper patterns & styles available.

Check out our inspiration gallery below to see how our designers have used wallpaper for interior design in our showhomes, and then head over to our wallpaper gallery to see a sample of what is available with designQ Shop, and how you can view our entire collection. 

interior design trends 2022

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Instead of setting the traditional New Year’s resolutions for 2022, why not be a bit more adventurous and set some resolutions for the interior of your home too! With a splash of paint, or maybe some new (or new to you!) furniture or accessories, you can help your home take on all that 2022 has in store. Here are the top 5 interior design trends for 2022 that our designers are loving. 

#1 | Shades of Green

interior design trends 2022

The 1st interior design trend for 2022 that we are in love with is ‘Shades of Green’. 

Green is a comforting reminder of the outdoors and our need for a connection with nature. With so much time spent at home these days, having those natural earth elements inside your home is key. 

Even a few major paint companies agree! Sherwin Williams and Behr named a shade of green as their colors of the year for 2022, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Green has a lush hue to it making it easy to incorporate into almost any element to your interior. You can toss a few green throw pillows on your sofa, add a calming feature wall to your bedroom with paint or wallpaper, or go bold with green cabinetry or a statement green piece of furniture. 

#2 | Warm Neutrals & Earth Tones

The next interior design trend for 2022 is a compliment to the first trend – shades of green. 

In keeping with the idea of creating an outdoor sanctuary inside your home expect to see comforting neutrals as well as rich earthier shades like taupe, camel and rust. 

Warm neutrals create a cozy and comfortable environment and can be applied to both walls & upholstery. 

A few key ways to incorporate this trend into your interior is by choosing an area rug in creams, beiges & nude tones that complements the existing flooring, and use accessories in the same shades to tie the room together. 

interior design trends 2022

#3 | Natural & Biophilic Design

First off, let’s define what ‘Biophilic Design’ means. 

Biophilic Design is a concept used within the building & design industry to increase connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct or indirect nature. It is argued that this idea has health and environmental benefits. 

In simple terms – create a mini greenhouse in your home!

This 2022 interior design trend is moving beyond a few pots on the windowsills. We are now experimenting with plant-covered walls & unique hanging installations. Be sure to use natural & reclaimed materials to really incorporate this trend to it’s fullest. 

interior design trends 2022
interior design trends 2022

#4 | Curves

interior design trends 2022

This interior design trend for 2022 is all about comfort and creating an embracing feeling. 

Curves are softer and more calming than sharp angles & straight lines. We aren’t talking about plump, over the top exaggerated curves, but soft to the eye and the hand curves. 

Try adding furniture pieces that have radiused corners or curved backs on sofas or chairs, and even scalloped shapes on accent items like rugs or ottomans. 

#5 | Vintage Comeback

interior design trends 2022

The last interior design trend for 2022 is probably one of our favorites. 

Try your hand at shopping second hand furniture &home wares to find unique furniture and décor pieces to upcycle. 

Mixing the old and new in a space creates a unique juxtaposition, and is an eco-friendly way to repurpose items. Move towards furniture’s with reclaimed wood or recycled glass accessories. 

What’s the best way to get started on this trend? Start searching your local antique stores for unique items! You can also find numerous local companies who take old furniture and make it new again while keeping the vintage charm. 

We hope these top 5 interior design trend tips for 2022 helps you achieve your interior design resolutions!