interior design trends 2022

Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2022

Instead of setting the traditional New Year’s resolutions for 2022, why not be a bit more adventurous and set some resolutions for the interior of your home too! With a splash of paint, or maybe some new (or new to you!) furniture or accessories, you can help your home take on all that 2022 has in store. Here are the top 5 interior design trends for 2022 that our designers are loving. 

#1 | Shades of Green

interior design trends 2022

The 1st interior design trend for 2022 that we are in love with is ‘Shades of Green’. 

Green is a comforting reminder of the outdoors and our need for a connection with nature. With so much time spent at home these days, having those natural earth elements inside your home is key. 

Even a few major paint companies agree! Sherwin Williams and Behr named a shade of green as their colors of the year for 2022, and it’s not hard to see why. 

Green has a lush hue to it making it easy to incorporate into almost any element to your interior. You can toss a few green throw pillows on your sofa, add a calming feature wall to your bedroom with paint or wallpaper, or go bold with green cabinetry or a statement green piece of furniture. 

#2 | Warm Neutrals & Earth Tones

The next interior design trend for 2022 is a compliment to the first trend – shades of green. 

In keeping with the idea of creating an outdoor sanctuary inside your home expect to see comforting neutrals as well as rich earthier shades like taupe, camel and rust. 

Warm neutrals create a cozy and comfortable environment and can be applied to both walls & upholstery. 

A few key ways to incorporate this trend into your interior is by choosing an area rug in creams, beiges & nude tones that complements the existing flooring, and use accessories in the same shades to tie the room together. 

interior design trends 2022

#3 | Natural & Biophilic Design

First off, let’s define what ‘Biophilic Design’ means. 

Biophilic Design is a concept used within the building & design industry to increase connectivity to the natural environment through the use of direct or indirect nature. It is argued that this idea has health and environmental benefits. 

In simple terms – create a mini greenhouse in your home!

This 2022 interior design trend is moving beyond a few pots on the windowsills. We are now experimenting with plant-covered walls & unique hanging installations. Be sure to use natural & reclaimed materials to really incorporate this trend to it’s fullest. 

interior design trends 2022
interior design trends 2022

#4 | Curves

interior design trends 2022

This interior design trend for 2022 is all about comfort and creating an embracing feeling. 

Curves are softer and more calming than sharp angles & straight lines. We aren’t talking about plump, over the top exaggerated curves, but soft to the eye and the hand curves. 

Try adding furniture pieces that have radiused corners or curved backs on sofas or chairs, and even scalloped shapes on accent items like rugs or ottomans. 

#5 | Vintage Comeback

interior design trends 2022

The last interior design trend for 2022 is probably one of our favorites. 

Try your hand at shopping second hand furniture &home wares to find unique furniture and décor pieces to upcycle. 

Mixing the old and new in a space creates a unique juxtaposition, and is an eco-friendly way to repurpose items. Move towards furniture’s with reclaimed wood or recycled glass accessories. 

What’s the best way to get started on this trend? Start searching your local antique stores for unique items! You can also find numerous local companies who take old furniture and make it new again while keeping the vintage charm. 

We hope these top 5 interior design trend tips for 2022 helps you achieve your interior design resolutions! 

bedroom furniture ideas

5 Unique Bedroom Furniture Ideas

Bedrooms shouldn’t be boring. Add a touch of personality to them with these 5 unique bedroom furniture ideas. 

1 | Beside Tables

The 1st bedroom furniture idea is the overused and under appreciated bedside table. Normally when you think of bedroom furniture, you think of a matching set. The bedframe should match the nightstands which match the dresser. But that’s not the case anymore. Our designers love to mix it up by adding accent tables or end tables, that are normally meant for the living room! 

More recently though our designers have thought outside the box by utilizing vintage items such as antique suitcases and chairs. 

Showhome: Sterling Homes Reveal in Cavanagh.

bedroom furniture ideas

2 | Bed Frames

Step outside of the norm and add in a bold bed frame as a focal point to your bedroom. There are so many different options for a unique bed frame, that the tough part won’t be finding one but choosing one! It’s a good idea to narrow it down by knowing what your design style is. Click here to take a quick design style quiz, then start looking for that unique piece. 

Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Calypso in Jensen Lakes

bedroom furniture ideas

3 | Headboards

If you don’t want to go with a full bed frame, you can also choose to do a unique headboard instead. Our designers love doing custom headboards that are more of a décor item in itself, rather than just a headboard. Try adding custom made cushions and hanging them off a drapery rod behind your bed. We also love this IKEA headboard with built in storage space.

Showhome: Sterling Homes Maroon in Langdale

bedroom furniture ideas

4 | Ditch the Dresser

Most new homes nowadays have huge walk in closets. Which asks the question – why do you even need a dresser? A dresser is one of those things that we have just always had, our grandparents had one, our parents had one, and so on. But does that mean you have to to? 

Make use of that extra space in your room by adding a unique console table, or maybe even a bench for somewhere to sit and put your socks on. 

Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Madeline in Cy Becker
Console Table: Helios II Console Table from designQ Shop

home furnishings

5 | Add a Bold Element

This last bedroom furniture idea isn’t really furniture related, but we had to mention it. 

Be BOLD. Add in a statement component to your bedroom that will have you wanting to go to bed. This could be in the form of a feature wall, a large & unique art piece or even some fun drapery panels. This is your space, and should reflect your personality. The rest of the house can be simple, but your room doesn’t get much traffic (usually!) so spice it up a bit and be unique. Be you

Showhome: Sterling Homes Milan Showhome in Langdale
Wallpaper: Boho Chic Mural from designQ Shop

bohemian wallpaper

Want more Bedroom Furniture Ideas?

Check out this inspiration gallery from our recent showhome projects, and shop the furniture too! Click here to view all bedroom furniture available at designQ Shop.

how to decorate a bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom for the Cooler Seasons

In our last Fall themed blog, we show you how to decorate a bedroom for the cooler seasons. The bedroom is a place where you really want to be able to relax with a good book, maybe do some journaling or even, you know, sleep. Now that the heat isn’t so overwhelming, you can really bring in those comfy cozy elements to warm right up. 

Chelsi incorporated the same items purchased from HomeSense to show you how to decorate a bedroom for Fall and into Winter too. If you missed our other Fall inspired design blogs, click here! 

how to decorate a bedroom how to decorate a bedroom

Switch Out Your Bedding

The first item that Chelsi suggests switching up is your bed sheets and duvet or quilt. Time to put the light, airy Summer sheets away and bring back the big fluffy comforter or duvet. 

Volume is key to getting that cozy look of something you can just sink right into and relax. 

Try adding in flannel or cotton sheets or a duvet cover to add to the overall feel. Our designers LOVE shopping for sheet sets at Simons Canada. They have super cute designs, and are a great value! Check out some of their newest Flannel sets here. 

Bring In The Layers

how to decorate a bedroom

Layering your bedding is key to having the cozy comfy feeling. Add a quilt, coverlet or throw blankets as well as add some accent pillows for more fluff. Keep to the classic Autumn hues such as rust, brown, mustard and burgundy. 

When choosing the materials stick with wool, cashmere, fleece and large chunky knits. You can even bring in velvet or fur too. 

If you are on a budget, you don’t need to go crazy with accent pillows either. Just pick out a few larger ones in the Fall colors, and then re use your previous ones. As long as they are a neutral color they will work just fine!

Swap out the easy things

Image Credit – 88Prints on Etsy

Making seasonal decor changes doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot, or be a ton of work. You can swap out some easy items around the bedroom for an instant seasonal change! 

Florals – bring in the Autumn greenery such as sunflowers, wheat, eucalyptus or even some branches from your yard! These are all great options for Fall.

Accents – Bring in some patina metals and wood elements through items such as picture frames, a catch all tray or small décor items.

Lampshades – something that tends to get overlooked is the simple lampshade. They are so easy to switch out, allowing the Fall colors to be incorporated into your room a different way. We love these options from Bouclair. 

Prints – lastly, if you have a really good picture frame you can easily put in different prints to coincide with the seasons. Shopping for low priced prints on Etsy is a great way to go about this. Once purchased, they will send you a digital download  to send to your local printer. Then using your existing frame, swap the old print out for the new one and voila! Instant change!

fall table 3

Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas

We are back again with some Thanksgiving Table Décor Ideas & Inspiration! Sitting around a table full of yummy, comforting food is a great way to spend Family time. So why not take it up a notch, and decorate your table with beautiful Autumn colors and textures. 

Chelsi, our Visual Merchandiser and Interior Designer, shows you how to can get a designer curated look using only items found at HomeSense! Missed last week’s blog? Click here to find out how to switch up your décor for the season with any budget!

Step 1: Start with a Centerpiece

When planning out any space, it’s always best to start with a centerpiece, or main “feature” of the room. When looking for inspiration for this Fall themed tablescape, Chelsi came across this charming floral arrangement. With the natural tones and elements of Fall, it inspired the rest of the set up. 

TIP: This centerpiece is actually meant to hang on a door or wall! By laying it down on a table instead (or fireplace mantle!) you have a beautiful focal piece. 

Step 2: Pick your Place Settings

Using the centerpiece as inspiration for the rest of the décor, Chelsi set out to look for natural materials & Autumn harvest colors to pull the whole look together. 

Starting with the placements, she wanted something with a natural texture, like a jute or burlap, to tie in with the burlap ribbon on the centerpiece. These placements were the perfect choice to bring in the harvest colors. 

Next, you want to keep the plates more on the muted side. Chelsi found these great plates with a slight speckle to them on a creamy white background. 

Lastly, to add some color the rustic orange napkins really pulled the whole look together. 

Step 3: Add in Décor Items

The last step to decorating your table for Thanksgiving Dinner is to add in some cute décor items. 

On the table itself there are 2 ways you can finish off the centerpiece. Either by adding height, with some tall candles or similar to the middle, or as shown, Chelsi found these cute little pumpkin lights that add an extra bit of ambiance (and are child friendly!) She also found little pinecones to add an extra element to the place settings themselves. 

If you have a sideboard or buffet in the room, you can add in decor pieces here as well, or even Fall colored serving ware to hold pre dinner snacks and treats. Add in some Autumn florals and Fall smelling candles, and your designer curated Fall tablescape is ready to go. 

Showhome: Sterling Homes Thomas showhome in Kinglet Gardens. 

To view all the furniture available for sale in this showhome, head to the ‘Shop the Showhome‘ page for this home. 

The décor products used in this post were all purchased from HomeSense in Edmonton, Alberta.

fall decor ideas

Fall Décor Ideas for Any Budget

Fall is here, and we absolutely LOVE this season at designQ. The colors, the fabrics, the smells – everything about it speaks to us. Our Visual Merchandiser & Interior Designer, Chelsi, is probably the biggest Fall lover of us all. So we drafted her to give us some Fall décor ideas that anyone could achieve in their own home. 

Chelsi hit up the local HomeSense and purchased a a few Fall inspired décor items to show you how easy and affordable it can be to get your home ready for the season. 

Keep Some of Your Existing Décor Pieces

Switching up your décor for the seasons doesn’t have to be expensive! Chelsi recommends to keep some of your existing décor pieces, such as large mirrors, vases, even neutral colored blankets or pillows.

You can easily incorporate them with smaller seasonal pieces, especially if they are neutral colors. If you do have a large art piece that is very “seasonal focused” in the same area you are decorating, then you may want to switch that out too. 

Add in Seasonal Flowers

Greenery is always in style, no matter the season. For Fall, you really want to bring in harvest inspired plants & flowers such as sunflowers, wheat, mums or fountain grass. Adding in texture with twigs or branches adds to the outdoor essence. And of course using leaves in the shades of orange, red and yellow will really help tie it all together. 

And speaking of “tying it all together”, if you are creating your own floral arrangement think about using natural materials such as burlap to finish it off. 

TIP: The flower arrangement Chelsi used for the fireplace mantle is actually meant to hang on the wall! So don’t limit yourself to only using items meant for specific purposes – get creative with your décor! 

Heat Things Up with Fall Scented Candles

The Autumn season is all about being cozy and warm. Think chunky knits, fuzzy blankets, hot coffee. To create that warm, cozy ambiance indoors try adding in some candles. They don’t have to be scented either, although being surrounded by the smell of apple cinnamon pie all day does sound nice! 

Chelsi suggests looking for candles that not only smell like Fall, but have the colors of Fall as well. Most of the time candles come in a container of some sort, so you can use that to bring in extra colors to your décor. Go for greens, oranges, yellows or even browns to really capture the feel of a forest walk during a crisp Fall day. 

Don’t Overwhelm with Themed Décor 

fall decor ideas

When decorating for any season, you want to try to ease back a bit on really themed décor (except for maybe at Christmas.. snowmen & reindeers might be the exception!). What we mean by this is don’t go crazy with the pumpkins and turkeys. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with the season, you just want to lightly sprinkle Autumn into your home using Fall colors, smells and florals. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any pumpkins! Grab a few that really speak to you, but then stop there, and let the rest of the décor items do the talking.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug (or a Blanket)

And lastly don’t forget about the blankets! It’s time to swap out the lighter fabric materials & colors, and bring in the rusts, greens, oranges and golds. And they must be fuzzy, cozy and comfy! 

You can bring in those same colors with accent pillows as well. If you have a neutral colored couch or pillows already, it would be easy to grab just a few fall colored pillows or blankets to keep the costs down. 

Adding in natural looking baskets to hold your blankets and extra pillows is a great addition too. The natural look and texture of the baskets will help to bring in the season too! 

Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Ellerston showhome in Jensen Lakes

To view all the furniture available for sale in this showhome, head to the ‘Shop the Showhome‘ page for this home. 

The décor products used in this post were all purchased from HomeSense. 

fall fabrics

Fall Fabric Guide: Coziest Colors, Materials & Uses For the Cooler Seasons

We are back with our 2nd addition to our Fall Décor series to talk about Fall Fabrics! If you missed our other Fall blogs, check out Fall décor ideas for your home, and how to set your table for Thanksgiving.

Chelsi, our Visual Merchandiser and Interior Designer, breaks down everything you need to know about picking Fall fabric for the cooler seasons. There are really 3 main things to look for when making your selection – Color, Material & Use. This information can be used across all upholstery items in your home from sofa’s & sectionals to smaller accent chairs, throw pillows and even drapery! 

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Fall Fabric Guide: Colors

When selecting your fabric colors it’s important to take in to account the overall color pallet of your home. Do you have warmer tones, or cooler tones? 

Warmer tones are typically described as browns, beiges, lighter off-whites and more neutral coloring. If your main flooring surface has a brown tone to it, then you probably are on the warmer side. 

Cooler tones are, well the opposite. You probably tend to have more greys and stark whites. You main flooring will tend to be more on the gray side, with a grey carpet and white walls. 

fall fabric

Warmer Color Pallet

For a warm color pallet, you should try to bring in more neutral, lighter colors. Think light beige, off whites, more creamy soft colors. 

fall fabric

Cooler Color Pallet

For a cooler color pallet, you will want to bring in deeper, richer colors such as greens and greys.

A nice brown leather works beautifully with either a warm or cool color pallet, as does bright pops of color such as oranges or yellows. 

Fall Fabric Guide: Materials

When it comes to picking the coziest fabric to snuggle into on a cool Fall day, there are a few options Chelsi recommends.

cozy fall fabric

Chelsi’s 1st Pick:

The first fabric that comes to mind is a very soft velvet plushy material like the Orca Series by Stylus. These fabrics are very warm, and almost feel like a fleece type material but not as thick, and they are available in a few different colors. 

This type of fabric goes great on any large piece of furniture like a sofa or sectional, but also works great on a smaller accent chair too. 

cozy fall fabric

Chelsi’s 2nd Pick:

A really popular fabric right now is a Boucle fabric. It’s a looped yarn type material, and as Chelsi says “it just looks like the comfiest thing you would ever want to sit on”. 

This fabric is seen on a lot of sofas, chairs & sectionals in many popular retailers right now, and designQ Shop also has a few selections too like the Everly C Sectional as shown in the Cypress Showhome in Griesbach. 

Chelsi’s 3rd Pick:

The last product that Chelsi loves for a beautiful natural look is a leather type material. This material wears so nicely, and will give you a beautiful patina over time. It is also very durable, easy to clean and maintain. 

You can switch things up a bit here and add this leather type material to a headboard to really give your bedroom a cozy, chalet type feel as seen in the Allure showhome in Uplands. Or if you really want to be bold, try adding leather fabric to a window valance.

Fall Fabric Guide: Usage

Now that you have the fabric color and material picked, what would be the best use for them? Where will these pieces go, how much wear will they see and how will they fair over time. 

As mentioned above, the leather type fabric is great for headboards, seating and even pillows. It wears really well, and is very durable and easy to clean. So it really will work on almost any application. 

The softer plush fabrics and the boucle fabrics are a great choice for seating such as sofas & accent chairs, but keep in mind that pet hair will stick to them quite easily although it is easy to vacuum off. 

The linen textured fabrics are perfect for high traffic areas. They work great for seating, ottomans & pillows as they are very durable and easy to clean.

When you are trying to transition your home from the warm Summer season to the cooler Fall and Winter season, don’t forget about window coverings. Drapery panels can actually help keep the warmth inside of your home during Winter, and the cold out. 

By adding in a thick velvety drapery fabric, it will look and feel warmer and hang really nicely. There are numerous colors to choose from as well, so matching the fabric color to your homes color pallet won’t be an issue. 

You can also add in leather drapery to a valance or even panels to give a really natural, woodsy look. 

But Chelsi’s favorite Fall inspired drapery fabric has to be the wool drapery fabrics in the Sherlock collection. It’s like wrapping your home in a cozy sweater. 

All fabric colors and materials used in this post are available through designQ Shop. We are able to customize almost any piece of furniture to have the fabric color and material you like! Click here to learn how you can customize a sofa or sectional, or here for custom beds & headboards!

Interested in updating your window drapery? Click here to learn more about our custom upholstery & drapery programs! 

area rug sizes

The Ultimate Area Rug Size Guide

Finding the perfect area rug size for your home can be easy! When searching for an area rug for any room in your home, you should consider the furniture in the room and select an area rug that touches almost every piece. You never want the area rug to just ‘float’ in the middle of the room. 

Our Ultimate Area Rug Size Guide will help you determine just the right area rug size for every room in your home. 

Visualize & Plan 

Your area rug should be about the size of the main seating or living area to help ground the space. To avoid looking awkward, the area rug should be at least a foot wider than the furniture it’s placed under. Be sure to orient the rug with the shape of the room. 

Follow these steps to help you visualize how an area rug will look in your space before making your purchase. 

  1. Grab the masking tape to create a border!
  2. Maintain at least 18″ of bare floor all the way around the tape frame. For smaller rooms, you can go to 8″ of bare floor.
  3. Allow yourself about 2″ of wiggle room. That way if you do pick the wrong size rug it will still be ok
  4. Once you have the layout taped down, measure the inside space. Then find an area rug to fit!
The above steps are a general guideline to determining the correct area rug sizes, but keep reading below where we uncover some key things to remember for each room in your home, and tell you the perfect area rug size to fit!

The Great Room

Photo: Pacesetter Homes | Calypso Showhome | Jensen Lakes

The Great Room is where more of the formal gatherings are typically held, and as such this room demands a focal point to really ground the space. Typically, most floor plans today are open plan, meaning the main living space – great room, kitchen and nook – are all open to each other. The right size area rug can really help define the great room space, without overpowering it. 

Key things to remember:

  1. Maintain at least 18″ of bare floor all the way around the area rug to help frame the room’s layout and create pathways
  2. Make sure the area rug will touch all pieces of furniture in the room 
The Verdict:
The best sizes of area rug for a typical mid sized great room (13’11” x 13’9″) are an 8′ x 10′ or a 9′ x 12′. 
area rug sizes
area rug sizes

The Breakfast Nook

Photo: StreetSide Developments | Fremont | McLaughlin

Most homes have what’s called a nook, or breakfast nook, that is less formal than a dining room. It is typically found right beside the kitchen, and is open to the rest of the main living space. Finding the right size for this space can be tricky. 

Key things to remember:

  1. Make sure the area rug is big enough so when someone pulls a chair out, all legs are still touching the rug
  2. But don’t go to big so it touches the walls. For smaller rooms, such as a nook, try to maintain at least 8″ of bare floor all the way around the area rug 
  3. An area rug may just not fit in a nook space. Keep an open mind when searching for one and try to not cram one in just because
The Verdict:
The best sizes of area rug for a typical mid sized nook (10’2″ x 11’1″) is a 6′ x 9′

Bonus! For a kitchen space, a “runner” area rug works perfect! Runner’s are typically 2’7″ wide, and between 7′ and 12′ long. 
area rug sizes

The Office. The Den. The Flex Room. 

Photo: Pacesetter Homes | Cypress Showhome | Griesbach

Whatever you want to call that ‘extra’ room on the main floor that most new homes have, it deserves some love too! This room can be used for many different purposes, so choosing the right area rug is key to help give the room an identity. 

Key things to remember:

  1. This type of room may be an odd shaped size, so get creative with an area rug by placing it on an angle or more to the side of the room
  2. A round area rug may fit best in a space like this as well, to give some visual interest as you first walk into the home
  3. Keep in mind the 8 – 18″ inch rule! Make sure you have enough bare floor space between the walls to not overcrowd the room.
The Verdict:
The best sizes of area rug for a typical flex room (10′ x 9’9″) is a rectangular 5’3″ x 7’3″, or a 6′ x 6′ round rug. 
area rug sizes
area rug sizes

The Owners Suite 

area rug sizes

Photo: Pacesetter Homes | Calder Showhome | Walker Summit

Choosing an area rug for the owner’s suite can be a bit tricky. Typically these rooms will be on the large size, and so getting an area rug to touch all pieces of furniture may not be possible. But that’s ok! 

Key things to remember:

  1. Place the area rug mostly under the bed, and sticking out the sides & front
  2. Don’t put an area rug “floating” in the middle of the room so it touches the dresser and bed
  3. Get creative with patterns and textures here! Most bedrooms will be carpeted, so adding a fun area rug will help it not get lost
The Verdict:
The best sizes of area rug for a typical owners suite (12’6″ x 14’3″) is a 8′ x 10′ or 9′ x 12′ area rug. 
area rug sizes
area rug sizes

The Bonus Room 

Photo: Pacesetter Homes | Madeline Showhome | Cy Becker

The bonus room is another room that may be an odd shape, but that doesn’t mean choosing an area rug for it should be hard.

Key things to remember:

  1. Stick to finding an area rug for the main portion of the bonus room, typically the larger area
  2. Again, keep in mind the 18″ rule!
  3. Get creative with patterns and textures here! Most bedrooms will be carpeted, so adding a fun area rug will help it not get lost in the carpet
The Verdict:
The best sizes of area rug for a typical bonus room (11’9″ x 13’2″) is a 7’10” x 10’2″ or 9′ x 12′ area rug. 

Hopefully the information in this area rug size guide helps you to find the right fit for your home! As always, if you have any questions please leave us a comment below or send us an email! Happy area rug placing!

how to make a gallery wall

3 Easy Steps to Making your Own Gallery Wall

One design trend that seems to always be in style is the good ol’ fashioned gallery wall. But… how do you even go about making a gallery wall? If you aren’t necessarily “design savvy”, then making your own gallery wall can be a bit tricky and scary! 

We wanted to make it easy for anyone to create their own gallery wall that will bring your character and personality to life. Follow along with 3 easy steps on how to make a gallery wall, and then get inspiration from walls our designers have done in recent showhomes in our gallery wall round up!

But First .. Why Make a Gallery Wall at All? 

photo gallery wall

Gallery Walls have so many great benefits to achieve an easy, low maintenance statement in your home! 

  1. They are super easy to switch up! Change out the artwork or decor pieces with the Seasons, design trends or even new family members! 
  2. It’s a great way to transform bland, large walls in almost any room of your home
  3. Creates a focal point and a conversation piece
  4. Allows you to bring character and personality into the room
  5. They can be placed almost anywhere in your home – stairwells, nooks, bedrooms and living spaces. Even half bathrooms! 

Step 1: Decision Time

Before you even get started on hanging things, come up with a plan. Think of these 3 things:

What do you want to display?

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box either! Some great ideas are pictures, decor items, wall planters, clocks, mirrors, etc. If you find yourself stuck, try wandering around your house and finding forgotten pieces of art or decor tucked away. Sometimes we have everything we need already, we just didn’t have the courage (or time!) to display it! 

Designer Tip! If you need a few filler pieces, hit up an antique mall! You can always find unique one of a kind items for a great price!

What color palette and style are you going for?

This can be a crucial step in even determining what items you want to display. If your color palette is more modern, you may want to keep it simple with all framed pieces in a monochromatic color. But if you have more earthy tones in the space, perhaps you want to incorporate natural wood pieces, along with wall planters to create more depth. Whatever you choose, just remember to keep it consistent! 

how to make a gallery wall

Where is the gallery wall going? 

Deciding where you want the gallery wall to be can help you decide what items you want to be on display too, and what color palette you want. It may seem an obvious step but be sure to figure it out before you start picking out colors! 

Step 2: Lay it Out

Once you have decided what will be going on your gallery wall, you need to plan the space out! 

A great tip from our designers is masking tape! 

Find a large space on the floor and tape out the same size dimensions as your future gallery wall will be. So if you have a 4′ x 4′ space to work with on the wall, then tape the same size box on the floor. That way you can place all of your chosen items into the area, and move about as required until you get the perfect look! 

Things to consider when placing your items:

  1. Start by placing the largest items, then the second largest, and so on. It will be easier to fill in the gaps with the smaller pieces at the end
  2. Keep 2 – 3″ between all of your pieces
  3. Be aware of what’s below the gallery wall in case you need to plan around anything
  4. Balance your items. You don’t want one side with all black & white art, and the other with colored photos. Try to intertwine them
  5. Mix vertical and horizontal photos for some extra dimension
  6. If you want more of a clean look to your gallery wall, try aligning the bottom edge of the lower pieces, and then build up from there. This will keep a clean line, and help stabilize the space. 
  7. If you want a more eclectic look though, have fun with it! Randomly place pieces and just keep at it until you feel satisfied with the look!

Step 3: Grab the Hammer!

Once you are satisfied with the look and feel of the gallery wall on the floor, you can get the nails & hammer and get to hanging! 

Pay close attention to how each item needs to be hung before you start making holes. Some frames are side hung, and some are not. 

The most important thing to remember when hanging a gallery wall though is … if you make a mistake just cover it up with another piece! 

Overall all you really need to get started is a rainy day and some inspiration. By laying it out first on the floor, you can switch things around until they are just right. But most importantly – have some fun with it! Remember to bring in your personality and character, and switch up as often as needed!

For some gallery wall inspiration so you can make your own gallery wall, check out our Gallery Wall Round up post

photo gallery wall

Gallery Wall Round Up

Our designers love to create unique photo gallery walls in the Edmonton showhomes they design. They are never the same, and always reflect a different style and inspiration. 

Scroll below to see a few of the best photo gallery walls our designers have done, and learn about the inspiration behind them! 

Modern Mountain Lodge

Using warm, natural colors and rustic lodge decor elements, this gallery wall creates a comforting & cozy environment. With nods to the Albertan landscape, this wall offers organic details and textures. 

As shown in the Sterling Homes Allure showhome in The Uplands. Click here to purchase some of the pieces used in this home. 

photo gallery wall

Industrial English Pub

Inspired by an old English pub, the designer used warm colors and nostalgic touches to bring the pub feel to life! Nestled in the breakfast nook, this photo gallery wall creates an ambience that we for sure want to be a part of. 

As shown in the Sterling Homes Reveal showhome in Cavanagh. Click here to purchase some of the pieces used in this home. 

photo gallery wall

Family Comes First

This breakfast nook in this home showcases what a true photo gallery wall is. Keeping with clean simple lines and mono chromatic colors, the designer showcased family memories in a beautiful way. With the addition of a few neutral elements, this wall has us reminiscing of life’s treasured moments. 

As shown in the Pacesetter Homes Bristol showhome in Walker Summit. 

photo gallery wall

Flirty & Fun

Breakfast has never been so fun with this adorable gallery wall tucked into a cozy nook. The designer was inspired by brunch with the girls, and added in fun pops of décor and quirky art pieces. Paired with pink chairs and leopard print pillows, we for sure want to come over to this house!  

As shown in the Sterling Homes Milan showhome in Langdale. Click here to purchase some of the pieces used in this home. 

Green with Envy

Break away from the traditional photo gallery wall and do something unique. We are in love with this planter gallery wall our designer did in this Scandinavian inspired home. Let your imagination go wild and add in some colored pots, or even a picture or two.  

As shown in the Pacesetter Homes Lusitano showhome in Jensen Lakes. ** Showhome now closed **

Beachy Boho Vibes

Who doesn’t want to feel like they are at a beach house? With this Californian boho inspired photo gallery wall, you can do just that. The designer even added white shiplap behind the wall to really bring in that coastal vibe. Add in beachy pictures, and you got yourself a beach cabana. Surf’s up!

As shown in the StreetSide Developments Eclipse showhome in Tamark Common. 

how to make a gallery wall

Neat & Tidy

Not all photo gallery walls need to be askew! If you prefer clean, straight lines then try mimicking this gallery wall our designer showcased in a transitional style home. Set in a perfect square with matching frames, you could put just about anything inside from family pictures to unique artwork. The simplicity in the layout gives you the freedom to spice it up on the inside. 

As shown in the Sterling Homes Sansa showhome in McConachie Heights. 

Modern Industrial

Bold and striking, these gallery walls pack a punch. Whether you go big or small, with industrial inspired elements and modern styling these photo gallery walls make a statement.

Left Photo: As shown in the StreetSide Developments Harley showhome in The Uplands
Right Photo: As shown in the Sterling Homes Maroon showhome in Langdale 

Which photo gallery wall is your favorite? Leave a note in the comments to let us know! If you want to see any of these in person you can check out the showhomes during regular showhome hours. 

Want to learn how to create your own gallery wall? Click here to read how to go about it just 3 easy steps! 

Happy Hanging!

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blinds components

The 4 main components to a blind or shade

While there are a few different styles of blinds or shades, they all share 4 basic components. In each of those components, there are many variations you can choose, but the base function is the same. 

Curious as to what the 4 most popular styles are? Click here to read our blog!

The Cassette

Alternate Names: Valance or Header.

Purpose: To conceal the “roll” of fabric, or material.

Styles: Each style of blind or shade will have different cassette options available, but a few of the more common ones are:

  • Compact Cassette – This is a pretty standard style and size of cassette. Not to large, not to small — just right!
  • Large Cassette –  A bit larger than a compact cassette, this option will add a more modern feel to your windows
  • Square Cassette – This is the next size up, and adds a bit more definition.
  • Grande Cassette – Go big or go home, right? This cassette will add a bold statement to your decor.
  • Decorative Valance – A decorative valance is only available with a faux wood or wood blind. 
  • Opera Cassette – This cassette is only available when you add an “Opera” shade. 

Finishes: The finish option varies by cassette style, but you can select either a mirage finish, which is a smooth metal material in a coordinating color or you can get it fabric wrapped

blinds components
blinds components
blinds components
blinds components

The Bottom Rail

Alternate Names: Hem bar

Purpose: It is how the bottom edge is finished, and keeps the fabric weighted down. 

Styles: Each style of blind will offer different bottom rail options. 

  • Open – This style of hem bar is made with a piece of tubing clamped onto the bottom of the shade, and finished in a coordinating color.
  • Closed –  The fabric of the shade is wrapped around the aluminum weight, and offers a low profile. It is often the most common hem bar chosen. 
  • Trapezoid Rail – This is available only on faux woods and wood blinds. It comes in a coordinating color to the slat color chosen.
blinds components
blinds components
blinds components
blinds components

The Operating System

Purpose: How you open and close the blind or shade.

Styles: Each style of blind or shade will have different operating system options available, but a few of the more common ones are:

  • Plastic Chain – The plastic chain is standard on most styles, and comes in a coordinating color to the material color selected. 
  • Cord Loop –  A cord loop offers a bit more of a quieter opening then a plastic chain. It is only available in white, and only on certain styles of shades.
  • Cordless – If you have children, cordless is an excellent option to add as it removes any hanging cords, which can potentially be a hazard for small kids. 
  • Motorization – Feeling a bit fancier? Then you need to add in a motorization option to control your shades at the click of a button. 
  • Cord Tilt with Tassels – This option is only available on a faux wood or wood blinds. It has the same function as a plastic chain, and comes in a coordinating color. 
blind components
blind components
blind components
blind components

The Material

The material of a blind or shade really depends on which style you select.

Faux Woods are made from a blend of resin & wood, and offer many different colors. 

Wood blinds are made from bass wood, and also offer many colors. 

Roller Shades, Dual Shades, and the like have a wide variety of fabric colors, textures and opacities to choose from.