Kingsdown Mattress 10 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty for all Kingsdown mattresses and foundations purchased with designQ Shop come standard with a ten (10) year Kingsdown limited warranty program, subject to the details below. 


Details of the Kingsdown Limited Warranty:

The warranty protects you from the day your purchase your sleep system and continues according to the “Warranty Schedule” below. In order for the limited warranty to be valid, you must:

  • Be the original consumer purchaser, and have purchased the sleep set from designQ Shop
  • Provide a copy of the original purchase agreement, or other itemized proof of date, place or purchase and purchase price and;
  • Provide the law label from the defective product

The Warranty does not cover products found to be in an unsanitary condition or when the product failure is due to causes other than defective materials or workmanship.

Warranty Schedule

Refer to the law tag found on your Kingsdown mattress to obtain the warranty code applicable to your product. 

Using the chart below, find the applicable warranty code to determine the warranty period for your mattress. 

 * Transportation costs are the sole responsibility of the purchaser
 ** Your purchase is established from the date of your receipt/purchase agreement
 *** If the Kingsdown product purchased is no longer being manufactured, the current retail price will be determined by Kingsdown from a comparable product. Kingsdown has the sole discretion to determine which retail price will be used.

Warranty Coverage

Covered – Mattresses

Covered – Foundation

Not Covered

Body Indentations & Approved Support Systems

Body indentations can be a normal occurrence in your new mattress, and indicates that the upholstery and comfort layers are conforming to your body’s individual contours. Do not attempt to sleep on the foundation or the non-sleep surface of the mattress as they are not made for that purpose.

A proper bed frame should include a rigid center support with at least 5 legs or 5 hard wood cross slats for queen and king sets. A rigid center support is equal to a support that extends from the frame to the ground. When used on a bed with head & foot boards, it is recommended to use a minimum of 3 to 5 rigid cross slats or steel flex-free slats, with one or more legs in direct contact with the floor. These slats should be securely attached to the bestead side rails.

Examples of proper bed frames for queen & king sized mattresses. 

How to Submit a Claim

All claims must be submitted immediately upon detection of the defect. If the product and defect are covered under this warranty, designQ Shop will assess the defect on site to determine the course of action for repair or replacement. If the product cannot be repaired on site, designQ Shop will return the product to the manufacturer to be either repaired or replaced as determined by the manufacturer. 

Submitting a claim is easy! Simply complete the form below, and a member of the designQ Shop team will be in contact with you within 2 business days.