Blinds & Shades

Warranty for all blinds, shutters, rollers and shades and any other Maxxmar product purchased through the designQ Shop comes standard with a Maxxmar Window Fashions Warranty. The length of the warranty depends on the type of product purchased. 

All warranty for blind & shades products are provided by Maxxmar Window Fashions. The warranty covers and is inclusive against any defects in material or workmanship to the original purchaser of the products, as well as all moving parts in manually operated products under normal use.  

The warranty does not cover:

  • Any damage caused by or resulting from accidents, misapplications, misuse, abuse or alternations

  • Any damage caused by excessive discoloration due to sunlight or passage of time, humidity, exposure to salty air, change in atmospheric conditions or corrosive materials.

  • Any damage caused by fire, flood, or acts of God

  • Any condition caused by normal wear and tear upon the actual product

Maxxmar is not responsible for the measuring and taking down of blinds, shades or shutters and/or for the re-installation of the blinds, shades or shutters. 

Periods of Coverage by Product
Select the product from the left sidebar to view the coverage period.

Drapery Panels & Hardware

Warranty for all drapery panels, hardware & operating systems purchased through designQ Shop come standard with a one (1) year workmanship warranty. Warranty period starts from date of install. 

Each drapery panel includes the following standards, unless otherwise noted:

How to Submit a Claim

All claims must be submitted immediately upon detection of the defect. If the product and defect are covered under this warranty, designQ Shop will assess the defect on site to determine the course of action for repair or replacement. If the product cannot be repaired on site, designQ Shop will return the product to the manufacturer to be either repaired or replaced as determined by the manufacturer. 

Submitting a claim is easy! Simply complete the form below, and a member of the designQ Shop team will be in contact with you within 2 business days.