All About the Interior Design Consultation

Have you ever visited a show home and wanted to replicate the same look in your own home?! Well now you can with designQ Shop! Our team of professional designers know how to design and stage just about any space. We have been working with new home builder’s and their client’s for over 8 years now and are always coming up with new, on trend interior design ideas, and we now want to pass along the design know-how to you! Keeping reading to learn about your complimentary design consultation, and watch the video to learn what to expect at your appointment.

You can self book your free interior design consultation at any time by clicking here, or you can send us an email with any questions or to book. We look forward to seeing you soon!

What to Expect!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Will I Meet With? At your personalized interior design consultation, you will meet one-on-one with a professional interior designer. 

Where Are You Located? We are located in Edmonton, Alberta. Our award winning design center is located inside of the Qualico Developments building. 

What Does Your Design Center Look Like? designQ has over 7,000 sqft of interior selections. Our designers work with client’s building new homes to help them select their interior finishes such as flooring, paint and more. 

For client’s such as yourself, selecting furniture, décor or window coverings, we have a specialized workroom with a wide array of fabric options, sample books and displays. 

What Can I Purchase With designQ Shop? We offer a comprehensive selection of furniture items, custom upholstered sofa’s and beds, window coverings, wall features and more! 

Can I See Your Products in Person? Yes! We have a wide selection of our products on display in our numerous show homes throughout Edmonton and surrounding areas. We have found that having our products set up in real homes, with real lighting and real décor really helps our client’s to imagine the piece in their own home!

What Showhomes Can I View Them In? Our team of designers works with Pacesetter Homes, Sterling Homes and StreetSide Developments. Click above to view the furniture available inside each of their showhomes!

Do I Have To Be a Builder Client to Work With You? No! designQ Shop is open to the public and is happy to help you design your dream Pinterest house!

If I Am Building A New Home, Will You Have My Interior Selections Available? Yes! If you are building a new home we will have not only your interior selections to pair with, but we will also have your floor plans to better plan the space! 

How Much Does A Design Consultation Cost? It’s free! No purchase of furniture or décor is even required! 

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