Before you place your order, ensure you have measured your space for delivery. Tight doorways, narrow stairwells and halls can sometimes pose a problem for delivery of new furniture. It’s best to ensure your new items can fit in – and into – your home before placing your order. 

Follow these steps below:

Select the Right Product

Ensure the piece of furniture or decor you are considering works in your space. On every product listing we have noted the dimensions of the product. Referring to these dimensions will help you decide. 

TIP: If you need help visualizing how the piece will look in your space, use masking tape on bare floors or sheets of paper on carpet to map out the area where the piece will go. 

Measure Your Home

It’s important to make sure that the piece will fit in all entryways, including the exterior door, before placing your order. 

Measure the height and width of all doors and hallways. For narrow entryways and corners, also measure the total clearance length between the outside and interior walls. 

Determine the best pathway from outside your home to where the product will be placed. 

TIP: Account for fixtures, decorative moldings, interior walls, stairwells, and elevators when measuring. These items may pose an obstacle when delivering. 


Check the Furniture Dimensions

On each product listing, both the NET and the GROSS dimensions (W x L x D) are listed. The net dimensions reflect the dimensions of the actual product not in it’s packaging. The gross dimensions reflect the product inside of it’s packaging. 

Ensure you are reading the correct dimensions as they could change by product style. 

TIP: Sectionals are usually delivered in individual pieces. When purchasing a sectional, refer to the individual piece dimensions. Most tables have removable legs, minimizing the overall product height during delivery. 

Make Sure It Fits! 

The width of the entryway must exceed at least one of the following – the product’s depth (D) or height (H). 

If the entryway clearance exceeds the product’s width (W), then you can move it in horizontally. 

If the entryway clearance is less than the product’s width (W), then you will need to attempt to move it in vertically, meaning that the entryway height must exceed the product’s width. 

Caution! The product will not fit into your home if either of these instances are true:

  1. The products’s width (W) exceeds both the entryway clearance and height. 
  2. If the entryway width is less than both the product’s depth (D) and height (H).
NOTE: If the items you have purchased do not fit into your home, or space requested, designQ will not accept any returns or exchanges of the product. It is important to ensure the item will fit prior to purchasing.