Accidents happen.

Which is why most furniture products purchased with designQ Shop automatically come with a
limited 5 year warranty. 

So you can rest easy knowing that no matter what your kids throw at your new sofa, it’s covered. 

What’s Covered?

Food and Beverages

Pet & Human Biological Stains


Pen & Crayon Marks

Cuts and Punctures

Burns* & Heat Damage**

 *Not caused by fire.
**Caused by items found in normal household environment.

Springs, Coils & Defects in Wood Frames

** Refer to full warranty document for details on items not covered under the limited 5 year warranty. Document provided at time of appointment or purchase. Items subject to change without notice. All warranty claims to be made through Diamond Kote, a third party company. 

Which Products Do Not Included a 5 Year Limited Warranty?

Due to the nature of some products we are unable to offer warranty on them. 
  • Area Rugs
  • Canvas Art
  • Framed Print Art
  • Floor Lamps
  • Product with Rattan and/or Wicker Material
  • Wall Mirrors
  • Mattresses include a 10 year warranty directly from the supplier. These products will not get the 5 year warranty. 

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