Drapery is something that can take a room from nice to wow! 

Whether you are looking for a simple drapery panel to seamlessly coordinate with your décor, or a custom drapery panel to make an impact, designQ Shop can help. 

Custom Look Made Simple: All About our Custom Drapery Program

At designQ Shop, we have a simplified drapery program allowing you to easily get a custom drapery look in your home for less.

How it works:

Each component is broken down into levels. The lower the level, the less expensive the product. Each level of product has it’s own unique advantages but the same exceptional quality. Mix and match each component type to complete a custom drapery panel unique to your home.

Scroll down to see the available options for stationary drapery panels.

If you are looking for something a bit more custom, or would like operable drapery panels, contact us for a quote. We work with an Edmonton based workroom who specializes in creating custom drapery panels for all needs. Check out the inspiration gallery at the bottom of this page to see examples of drapery panels our designers and the workroom have come up with.

The Components to a Custom Drapery Panel

Living Room With Custom Drapes in Edmonton | DesignQ Shop

A finial is a decorative end piece that goes on either side of the rod. Finals come in packages of 2 – one for each end – and are available in a wide array of styles and finishes. 

The rod is of course what the panels will hang on. The rod comes in the same finishes as the finials to create a coordinating top piece. Depending on the size of window, a rod extension or connector may be required. 

The top of each drapery panel features a header style. At designQ Shop we have 5 different header styles to choose from

  • Reverse Pleat
  • Two Fold Pleat
  • Grommet
  • Open Goblet
  • S Pleat

There are endless options when it comes to the panel fabric material, color and texture. 

The panel length is how high you want the panel to sit above the floor. 

Typically there are 2 lengths – 90″ and 102″. You want the panel to just sit slightly above the floor, and not pool. 

Finials and Rods

Click a price level below to view all the finial styles and finish colors. The rod and brackets are a simple style in the same finish color as the chosen finial.

Finial and Rod Style | DesignQ Shop
Level 0
Finial and Rod Style | DesignQ Shop
Level 1
Finial and Rod Style | DesignQ Shop
Level 2
Finial and Rod Style | DesignQ Shop
Level 3
Finial and Rod Style | DesignQ Shop
Level 4

Panel Header

Below are the 5 different header styles we offer. Each panel will need a header style. If a style with rings is chosen, the rings will be in a matching finish color as the rod color.

Reverse Pleat | DesignQ Shop
Reverse Pleat | Level 0
Two Fold Pleat | DesignQ Shop
Two Fold Pleat | Level 0
Grommet | DesignQ Shop
Grommet | Level 1
Open Goblet | DesignQ Shop
Open Goblet | Level 1
S Pleat | DesignQ Shop
S Pleat | Level 1

Panel Fabric

Click a price level below to view a sample of the fabric selections from each book. We have a wide array of fabrics to pick from, so keep in mind if you don’t see something you like, we probably have it in store!

Sheer Fabric | DesignQ Shop
Sheer Fabrics | Level 0
Solid Fabric | DesignQ Shop
Solid Fabrics | Level 0
Solid Fabric | DesignQ Shop
Solid Fabrics | Level 1
Patterned Fabric | DesignQ Shop
Patterned Fabric | Level 1

Get Inspired by Our Designer Curated Drapery Panels

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