Capture the rich, timeless appeal of real wood with our selection of Barn Wood Feature Walls.
Learn more about how the barn wood planks are made, and view our inspiration gallery for ideas on how to use them in your own home. Once you’ve decided on which color to add into your home, send us an email and we will be happy to provide you a final price with just the right amount of panels required to fit your space. 

About the Barn Wood Feature Walls

barn wood feature walls

Product: Brown-Ish
Showhome: Sterling Homes Allure in Uplands, Edmonton

Are These Panels Real Wood?

Yes! Made from real wood, and carefully handcrafted to capture the look and feel of real barn wood. Each plank features saw & chisel marks, sun straps, knots and cracks. The wood is carefully chosen from sustainably harvested sources, and is treated with a unique process that captures the character of reclaimed, aged barn wood. 

Are They Actually Reclaimed Wood?

While these planks still capture the look and feel of real barn wood, they aren’t actually from a real old barn. However, this has it’s advantages! They are crafted from new pine wood, so they offer safety as they are free from hazards such as nails, paint and arsenic. Plus – they are easier to maintain! 

What Unique Characteristics Do They Have?

Each piece of the barn wood feature walls will feature unique features such as saw marks, sun straps & nail holes, natural color variation, chisel marks & scratches, knot holes & bites and large & small cracks. 

Choose From 6 Colors

Each box of planks will contain a large number of ‘softer’ or ‘lighter’ colored boards with some darker character boards. They occur randomly, making every wall unique!

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barn wood feature walls AS IS - BLUE ISH 2


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barn wood feature walls AS IS - GREY ISH 2


barn wood feature walls AS IS - RAW ISH 2



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