Create a nostalgic, industrial vibe on your walls with these Classic Brick Feature Walls.
Learn more about how the classic brick panels are made, and view our inspiration gallery for ideas on how to use them in your own home. Once you’ve decided on which color to add into your home, send us an email and we will be happy to provide you a final price with just the right amount of panels required to fit your space. 

About the Classic Brick Feature Wall Panels

brick feature wall

Product: Vintage White
Showhome: Sterling Homes Sansa in Uplands, Edmonton

Are these Panels Real Brick?

Even though these brick feature wall panels are casted from real bricks, they aren’t actually real. They are made of high-density polyurethane, making it way lighter than standard bricks!

Is a Mason Needed to Install Them?

No! These light weight panels are easily installed to any wall, and no mason is required. The finger joints installation system results in no seams, and helps to create the realistic brick look.

Are they Easy to Maintain?

Yes! The material used offers great durability meaning it won’t crack, fade or break down resulting in a long lasting classic loo. 

Choose from 5 Colors

Each panel is hand painted to further enhance their authentic appearance. 

Classic Brick - Edmonton, AB edmonton wall features
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brick feature wall

Get a Quote

As every wall is unique, it's best to get a quote from our professionals. They will account for wastage, corners, and everything else!