Add old world Italian charm to any room in your home with this stunning concrete wall finish product – Lime Concrete. This exciting new product comes straight from Italy, is environmentally friendly and has a natural finish & protection.  Available in many color tones and 3 different textures, this product will create a unique focal point to any wall in your home. 

Lime Concrete

Get a real concrete finish on your walls with this special powder compound. Supplied in natural white for a more subtle, Italian villa look and 2 shades of grey to capture a more urban style. This concrete wall finish product is a game changer for a distinct, unique look to your home that everyone will be talking about.

concrete wall finish

Color: Natural White
Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Secretariat in Aster

Artistic Application

Lime Concrete is a decorative mono layer product for interior concrete imitations supplied in a natural grey base color. To achieve a darker range of greys, a special powder toner is expertly added by a professional Bericalce artist. Using a trowel, the artist will apply the lime concrete paste with techniques and experience gained over many applications. The final result will be a smooth, satin concrete wall with a unique, one of a kind texture.

Natural Finish & Protection

The lime concrete application is finished with a natural bee’s wax to ensure long lasting protection for your lime concrete walls.

Lime Concrete is Green

Due to the innate nature of lime concrete, it has a low environmental impact, are healthy and eco-friendly. Here’s Why.

concrete wall finish

Color: + 2 Toner
Source: BeriCale

They are in accordance with the regulations that restrict the emissions of harmful substance (VOC) in the atmosphere

Don’t contain aromatic solvents or other agents that can induce allergic reaction to people and animals, discomfort or illness attributable to the SBS Syndrome

Don’t contain chemical preservatives or other types, for the simple reason that they don’t need it

The lime-based products absorb the carbon dioxide (CO2) present in the air

The lime with it’s natural alkalinity have important anti-bacterial functions

Available Colors

Lime Concrete is available in 3 distinct tones, all suited to the urban industrial style. Starting with the natural product tone, different amounts of toner are added for a darker, more concrete effect. 

Standard Grey

+ 2 Toner

+ 4 Dark Toner

concrete wall finish

Color: + 2 Toner
Source: BeriCale

concrete wall finish

Color: + 3 Toner
Source: BeriCale

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