how to decorate a bedroom

How to Decorate a Bedroom for the Cooler Seasons

In our last Fall themed blog, we show you how to decorate a bedroom for the cooler seasons. The bedroom is a place where you really want to be able to relax with a good book, maybe do some journaling or even, you know, sleep. Now that the heat isn’t so overwhelming, you can really bring in those comfy cozy elements to warm right up. 

Chelsi incorporated the same items purchased from HomeSense to show you how to decorate a bedroom for Fall and into Winter too. If you missed our other Fall inspired design blogs, click here! 

how to decorate a bedroom how to decorate a bedroom

Switch Out Your Bedding

The first item that Chelsi suggests switching up is your bed sheets and duvet or quilt. Time to put the light, airy Summer sheets away and bring back the big fluffy comforter or duvet. 

Volume is key to getting that cozy look of something you can just sink right into and relax. 

Try adding in flannel or cotton sheets or a duvet cover to add to the overall feel. Our designers LOVE shopping for sheet sets at Simons Canada. They have super cute designs, and are a great value! Check out some of their newest Flannel sets here. 

Bring In The Layers

how to decorate a bedroom

Layering your bedding is key to having the cozy comfy feeling. Add a quilt, coverlet or throw blankets as well as add some accent pillows for more fluff. Keep to the classic Autumn hues such as rust, brown, mustard and burgundy. 

When choosing the materials stick with wool, cashmere, fleece and large chunky knits. You can even bring in velvet or fur too. 

If you are on a budget, you don’t need to go crazy with accent pillows either. Just pick out a few larger ones in the Fall colors, and then re use your previous ones. As long as they are a neutral color they will work just fine!

Swap out the easy things

Image Credit – 88Prints on Etsy

Making seasonal decor changes doesn’t necessarily have to cost a lot, or be a ton of work. You can swap out some easy items around the bedroom for an instant seasonal change! 

Florals – bring in the Autumn greenery such as sunflowers, wheat, eucalyptus or even some branches from your yard! These are all great options for Fall.

Accents – Bring in some patina metals and wood elements through items such as picture frames, a catch all tray or small décor items.

Lampshades – something that tends to get overlooked is the simple lampshade. They are so easy to switch out, allowing the Fall colors to be incorporated into your room a different way. We love these options from Bouclair. 

Prints – lastly, if you have a really good picture frame you can easily put in different prints to coincide with the seasons. Shopping for low priced prints on Etsy is a great way to go about this. Once purchased, they will send you a digital download  to send to your local printer. Then using your existing frame, swap the old print out for the new one and voila! Instant change!

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