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How to Find Your Home Décor Style

Interior design is very subjective, and each home décor style can mean something different to everyone. While there are quite a few different home décor styles, we’ve rounded up the top 6 trending interior design styles for 2022. We’ve also included a fun little quiz so you can find out exactly what your home décor style is! 

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Mid Century Modern
Modern Farmhouse
West Coast

Home Décor Style 1: Minimalist

home décor style

The minimalist design style uses the bare essentials to create a simple and uncluttered space. Furniture and décor pieces should have clean straight lines and are paired with soft neutrals like beige, grey and tone on tone to create a calming monochromatic color palette. Soft delicate textures are incorporated into this color palette to create a sophisticated and calming space. 

The minimalist space acts as a quiet retreat from your hectic day to day life.

Home Décor Style 2: Mid-Century Modern

Mid Century Modern style is defined by clean lines and organic forms. This style was popularized during the chic ‘Rat Pack’ era with it’s classically understated nostalgia. A vast range of color and materials are used with a style ode to the past. 

This style utilizes repurposed vintage or antique furniture and retro shapes. 

Home Décor Style 3: Modern Farmhouse

home décor style

The Modern Farmhouse style will envelope you in cozy comfort with wood finishes and natural décor. The overall neutral color palette of warm whites and wood tones pairs beautifully with high contrast black fixtures and accents. Natural materials such as aged wood and brick help create a soothing environment that embraces a rustic lifestyle, but still appeals to modern day family life. 

Home Décor Style 4: Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is minimalistic, simple and functional. It includes the use of natural materials such as leathers and woods. It is heavily influenced by nature and creating a connection with nature. This combines the use of natural shapes, abstract and natural elements. 

Most color palettes associated with this design focus on neutral tones. Including the use of greys, whites, browns and blacks. Pops of colour can be added within decor pieces to help add personal touches to the space.

Home Décor Style 5: West Coast

The West Coast design style is all about combining comfort & cozy with clean profiles and understated hues, creating the perfect family friendly space. Warm grey tones mixed with natural textures and sleek fixtures help create a casual, tailored vibe. 

This style is easy to incorporate into any home, as it provides a neutral background for your furniture & décor pieces. It’s all about having a bright, airy interior that channels your inner Studio McGee.

Home Décor Style 6: Zendustrial

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The Zendustrial style is a fusion of Zen & Industrial, pulling together key features from each style and tying them together seamlessly. Warm earth tones combined with natural looking materials create a raw look that is soft around the edges.

This style focuses on creating balance, harmony and feelings of relaxation through neutral finishes, but then taking it up a notch by pulling inspiration from raw, natural materials such as wood and concrete.

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