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How to Improve the Resale Value of Your Home

When buying a new home, the last thing on your mind is selling it! But it’s still a good idea to consider how the items you add to your home now will effect the resale value of it later. So how do you improve the resale value of your home? We asked top Edmonton Real Estate agent, Ron Dickson – Senior Vice President of Sales for Sotheby’s Realty, and here is what he had to say. 

Q: What is the perceived value to a home buyer if the home has professionally selected and installed design features, such as blinds, drapery or feature walls?

Savvy home buyers have a high level of expectation. Comparing the value of having these features as opposed to not having them could be the difference if perhaps the potential buyer was leaning one way or the other.  Any opportunity to invest in a “showhome” feel is always money well spent.

Most buyers in today’s busy lifestyle are looking to eliminate decisions from their everyday life. In other words , if you can invest in “on trend” design elements and features, you are protecting your investment. Buyers want to see it as though it was featured in a magazine , and within a certain range , are definitely willing to pay for it.  The key to protecting your asset is to keep it current and on trend. Window treatments and feature walls are a cost effective way to keep your property “in the Game”. 

Q: Would having wall features (not selected by the new buyer) already installed in the home hinder the resale value of a home?

Today’s busy buyer doesn’t necessarily want to pick out features. The smart home owners leave that decision making process to the professional designers. Especially in a home 5yrs or older. Trends and design elements change so rapidly that buyers and consumers can barley keep up. It is in my experience that the consumer appreciates these things completed and decided in advance. 

Q: For those looking to rent a home, how would having designer features in a rental property be beneficial?

As like everything in the consumer world , the end user desires the best return on their money. In the example of investors appealing to a potential tenant , this is a highly competitive pool to draw from. All of the above mentioned features and design elements are exactly what a discerning renter insists upon. Good tenants are hard to find , but they are out there. 

Some people choose to rent vs owning for various reasons. Nonetheless of what that reason may be , they are willing to pay top dollar for personal preference and high quality properties. 

Q: So – will adding window coverings, wall features or other designer elements to your home increase the homes resale value?

To attract the most amount of money as either a homeowner who wishes to sell , a buyer who wishes to protect their future asset or an investor who wishes to command top rents , all of the design elements mentioned here including window treatments, feature walls etc , are all very crucial and more so when done by an expert interior design professional. It all adds up to greater net dollars in your pocket in each scenario. 

About Ron Dickson

A REALTORS® in Edmonton for over 20 years, Ron is regarded by his peers both locally and nationally, as a pioneer in marketing and sales in the real estate industry. He continues to think bigger, always innovating and improving in order to achieve better results for his clients. The results speak for themselves.

Ron is passionate about real estate and is a passionate Edmontonian. When not working, Ron spends his time with his 5 children and 3 grandchildren. 

In the company, Ron is the thought leader, the collaborator and the head of our builder division.  Ron was instrumental in bringing the team and brand together in Edmonton and uniting each in a spirit of innovation and client-centric collaboration.

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