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Gallery Wall Round Up

Our designers love to create unique photo gallery walls in the Edmonton showhomes they design. They are never the same, and always reflect a different style and inspiration. 

Scroll below to see a few of the best photo gallery walls our designers have done, and learn about the inspiration behind them! 

Modern Mountain Lodge

Using warm, natural colors and rustic lodge decor elements, this gallery wall creates a comforting & cozy environment. With nods to the Albertan landscape, this wall offers organic details and textures. 

As shown in the Sterling Homes Allure showhome in The Uplands. Click here to purchase some of the pieces used in this home. 

photo gallery wall

Industrial English Pub

Inspired by an old English pub, the designer used warm colors and nostalgic touches to bring the pub feel to life! Nestled in the breakfast nook, this photo gallery wall creates an ambience that we for sure want to be a part of. 

As shown in the Sterling Homes Reveal showhome in Cavanagh. Click here to purchase some of the pieces used in this home. 

photo gallery wall

Family Comes First

This breakfast nook in this home showcases what a true photo gallery wall is. Keeping with clean simple lines and mono chromatic colors, the designer showcased family memories in a beautiful way. With the addition of a few neutral elements, this wall has us reminiscing of life’s treasured moments. 

As shown in the Pacesetter Homes Bristol showhome in Walker Summit. 

photo gallery wall

Flirty & Fun

Breakfast has never been so fun with this adorable gallery wall tucked into a cozy nook. The designer was inspired by brunch with the girls, and added in fun pops of décor and quirky art pieces. Paired with pink chairs and leopard print pillows, we for sure want to come over to this house!  

As shown in the Sterling Homes Milan showhome in Langdale. Click here to purchase some of the pieces used in this home. 

Green with Envy

Break away from the traditional photo gallery wall and do something unique. We are in love with this planter gallery wall our designer did in this Scandinavian inspired home. Let your imagination go wild and add in some colored pots, or even a picture or two.  

As shown in the Pacesetter Homes Lusitano showhome in Jensen Lakes. ** Showhome now closed **

Beachy Boho Vibes

Who doesn’t want to feel like they are at a beach house? With this Californian boho inspired photo gallery wall, you can do just that. The designer even added white shiplap behind the wall to really bring in that coastal vibe. Add in beachy pictures, and you got yourself a beach cabana. Surf’s up!

As shown in the StreetSide Developments Eclipse showhome in Tamark Common. 

how to make a gallery wall

Neat & Tidy

Not all photo gallery walls need to be askew! If you prefer clean, straight lines then try mimicking this gallery wall our designer showcased in a transitional style home. Set in a perfect square with matching frames, you could put just about anything inside from family pictures to unique artwork. The simplicity in the layout gives you the freedom to spice it up on the inside. 

As shown in the Sterling Homes Sansa showhome in McConachie Heights. 

Modern Industrial

Bold and striking, these gallery walls pack a punch. Whether you go big or small, with industrial inspired elements and modern styling these photo gallery walls make a statement.

Left Photo: As shown in the StreetSide Developments Harley showhome in The Uplands
Right Photo: As shown in the Sterling Homes Maroon showhome in Langdale 

Which photo gallery wall is your favorite? Leave a note in the comments to let us know! If you want to see any of these in person you can check out the showhomes during regular showhome hours. 

Want to learn how to create your own gallery wall? Click here to read how to go about it just 3 easy steps! 

Happy Hanging!

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