Collection: Player
Color: 39J8311
Style: Linen Textured
Content: 100% polyester

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This 39J8311 linen textured drapery fabric is from the JF Fabrics Collection, which offers beautiful textured fabric in a total of 40 different colors. All colors in the JF Fabrics Collection are 100% polyester and will make a stunning addition to any room. This 39J8311 linen textured drapery fabric is a light, plain weave and can be used alone or layered for a more luxurious look.

Exact color matches cannot be guaranteed. Consistency of color will depend on the fiber content of the fabric as well as the method and quality of pigments used for printing or dyeing. Colors may vary slightly from order to order and with sample hangers and books. Images shown here are for illustrative purposes only. Color accuracy is limited to photography, lighting and monitor/screen calibration.

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About the Supplier:

JF Fabrics products are versatile in form and function, showcasing intricate patterns across a wide range of colours and providing more design possibilities for interiors. JF was founded in 1977 by Bernie Hovesen, and is a  family owned and operated fabric company. Bernie’s two daughters Shelley and Kim who are passionate about the business of design, now run the company.

Pricing and product availability subject to change without notice. All information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed.

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53J8311, 51J8311, 93J8311, 95J8311, 96J8311, 90J8311, 91J8311, 33J8311, 34J8311, 92J8311, 30J8311, 32J8311, 57J8311, 55J8311, 35J8311, 41J8311, 44J8311, 54J8311, 58J8311, 49J8311, 17J8311, 75J8311, 78J8311, 79J8311, 62J8311, 64J8311, 61J8311, 69J8311, 94J8311, 97J8311, 98J8311, 99J8311, 72J8311, 76J8311, 38J8311, 39J8311, 65J8311, 63J8311, 73J8311, 45J8311