Ambrose Wall Desk


Color: Cream | Champagne Gold 
Material: Solid Oak Wood | Gold Aluminum Handles
Details: Soft Closing Doors

Net Dimensions (in): 47.25 W x 22.5 D x 82.75H
Net Weight (lbs): 157
Gross Dimensions (Box A) (in): 50.0 W x 26.0 D x 26.0 H
Gross Dimensions (Box B) (in): 86.0 W x 18.0 D x 7.0 H
Gross Weight (lbs): 192

Warranty: Includes a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Click here for more details.

Supplier: Moes


Optimize space in any room with the Ambrose Wall Desk. If your room or office workstation has an increasing lack of storage options, you can get this wall desk to help you organize as well as provide extra space.

Aside from providing storage, the Ambrose Wall Desk is a great option to organize materials for your home workstation. It also has a sleek and modern design, so you can turn any room in your home into your own personalized office space.

Since working from home has now started to become the norm, the need to organize and save space has increased. With the Ambrose Wall Desk, trying to fit what you need will be the least of your worries.

This wall desk has a wide range of storage options to suit what you need. The top can be used as a shelf that can fit most small and large books, and you can even fit a slender printer on it.

It also features two cabinets where you can put your files or office supplies in. The Ambrose Wall Desk also features two additional drawers for even more storage options.

This wall desk also provides the same height to double as a writing desk where it provides enough clearance for standard-sized laptops. You can also fit in a medium-sized adjustable chair.

The Ambrose Wall Desk is durable and lightweight as it is made out of solid oak wood and aluminum. You can add a touch of softness to your living room or hallway with its cream and champagne gold design.

Order your own Ambrose Wall Desk now to get a stylish and durable space saver and turn your living room or hallway into your own home workspace.

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