As-Is Barn Wood Walls

Material: Sustainably Harvested Wood
Dimensions: 5″ H x 1/4″ D. Random Lengths
Warranty: 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Available Colors: Black-Ish | Blue-Ish | Brown-Ish | Grey-Ish | Raw-Ish | White-Ish

Pricing will vary depending on the size and location of the wall. Pricing starts at $211 per box plus installation. Please contact us and we would be happy to quote you!

Check out the following As-Is colors installed at Sterling Showhomes:

Brown-Ish – Allure in Uplands at Riverview | 19341 – 26 A Avenue
White-Ish – Revive in Cavanagh | 3099 Checknita Way SW


As-Is Barn Wood wall panels are made from real wood, and carefully handcrafted to capture the look and feel of real barn wood. Each plank features saw and chisel makes, sun straps, knots and cracks. The wood is carefully chosen from sustainably harvested sources, and is treated with a unique process that captures the character of reclaimed, aged barn wood.

Features of the As-Is Wood Walls:

  • Each piece is 5″ tall, and 1/4″ thick with random lengths
  • Each piece features random saw & chisel marks, knots & cracks, and sun-straps
  • Made from sustainable harvested barn wood
  • Available in 6 colors