Asco Stool


Style: Farmhouse | Transitional
Material: Reclaimed Wood
Color: Earthy Polishes

Warranty: Includes a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Click here for more details.

Supplier: Mercana

Find me in the Pacesetter Homes Cypress showhome in Griesbach | 6334 Greenaway Ave.


Meticulously crafted from solid wood and finished in a smooth, natural brown polish that highlights the grains and knots of the used, the Asco is a stylish round stool braced by three sleek, wooden legs. The rare combination of decorative appeal and functionality as seen on the Asco stool makes it a great addition to any modern space.

  • 15.0″ or 18.0″ High Stool The Asco stool measures 13.0″ long by 13.0″ wide by 15.0″ or 18.0″ high.
  • Sturdy Wood Construction Featuring a seat crafted from solid wood finished in a natural brown polish, the Asco is a substantial piece of furniture with impeccable balance that is built to last for years to come.
  • Unique Design The Asco features a unique design with a cylindrical seat and a three-legged base, making it sure to stand out in any space and setting.
  • Woodlands Inspired Design Designed to stand out, the Asco boasts of premium composition and a superior finish that makes it a perfect fit for spaces based on the woodlands design style.
  • No Assembly Required Delivered pre-assembled, the Asco is ready to turn heads in your space as soon as it arrives at your doorstep.
The Asco Stool is available to view in the following Edmonton Showhome:
Pacesetter Homes Cypress showhome in Griesbach | 6334 Greenaway Ave.
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