Edmonton Go Framed Print


Style: Transitional
Material: Framed Print

Warranty: Not available on this product. Click here for more details.

Supplier: Mercana


What do your walls say about you?

The walls of your home offer an opportunity to express yourself, your interests, and your personal style all while breathing some life into your dwelling.

This vintage-inspired framed print is ideal for travel lovers and designers who want their wall art to look classic and modern. This print showcases the Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton along with the city’s iconic downtown skyline in winter. The scenic print will make you nostalgic for a cozy winter night spent in or reignite your travel bug.

This unique framed print of Edmonton is the perfect addition to any decor collection and can blend seamlessly into the existing embellishments of any room. Its modern, sleek art style makes it incredibly versatile. This print can make the perfect focal point of a gallery wall or an interesting, but not overwhelming, artwork addition to your home office.

Add some personality into your home with the Edmonton print and more globally-inspired wall art from designQ.


Wall decor is never one-size-fits-all. After all, your spaces require different sized decor to make them pop. That’s why the Edmonton Go Framed Print is available in 3 sizes and already comes framed so it’s easy to hang the moment it arrives at your door.

Want more travel art to spruce up your walls? designQ has an entire collection inspired by different cities, states, and regions that can help you showcase your wanderlust while still keeping your decor cohesive.

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