Elaziz (2308) Area Rug


Style: Modern
Material: 100% Polypropylene
Colors: Light Gray, Medium Gray, White

Warranty: Not available on this product. Click here for more details.

Supplier: Surya

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The Elaziz (2308) Area Rug is machine woven from 100% polypropylene, and features grey and white colors. Available in 4 sizes.

The Elaziz (2308) area rug is a traditional type of rug that is inspired from a classic design. It lends a sophisticated appeal with its historic motifs. Classic lines draw a timeless pattern that looks ethereally beautiful. With its light hue and delicate design, it can blend well with any type of home décor style, elevating the aesthetic charm in a subtle way.

Easy Maintenance and Durability Offer Long lasting Value

Woven from 100% polypropylene, a family-friendly fiber, it offers several advantages. It’s easy to clean and maintain with its high stain-resistant quality. Plus it’s extremely durable. And its long lasting value is further enhanced by its solid color fastness, making it the perfect addition, even for areas with high footfalls.

Plus its medium-pile fibers offer the ideal balance between low and high-pile rugs. It’s softer than a low-pile rug and gets less dirty than high-pile rugs as it traps less dirt. So it’s easier to maintain while simultaneously offering smooth comfort.

Simple & Beautiful Traditional Design Lends Subtle Appeal

The beautiful simplicity of its traditional design is not overwhelming and does not take away from the rest of the decor. Want floor covering for your living room or bedroom? Or perhaps you want to cover your stairs or landing? Use this Elaziz area rug and enjoy timeless style and an elegant effect.

Its aesthetic versatility makes it suitable for any type of home décor or style. Instantly elevate your space by ordering it today! It’s available in white, medium gray, and light gray colors.

Details of the Elaziz (2308) Area Rug:

  • 100% Polypropylene
  • Machine Woven
  • Medium Pile
  • Thickness: 0.3″
Pricing and product availability subject to change without notice. All information provided is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed.


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