Lines Collection


Style: Patterns | Modern
Material: Framed Art

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Supplier: Mercana

Find me in the Sterling Homes Thomas showhome in Kinglet Gardens | 5704 Lark Point NW


The Lines Collection is a simple, yet elegant piece that features a timeless pattern of free-flowing, vertical and horizontal, intersecting lines. The piece features a simple yet timeless pattern of free-flowing, horizontal and vertical lines. These intersecting lines are painted using black and white tar gel resulting in a raised texture on the piece. Enclosed in a matte-black colored, sleek wooden frame that measures approximately 22 inches in length and 42 inches in height, the Lines Collection looks fabulous in any space.

The Lines Collection is available to view in the following Edmonton Showhome:

Sterling Homes Thomas showhome in Kinglet Gardens | 5704 Lark Point NW.
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