Quality Sofa Construction: Springs & Suspension

Ensuring your new sofa has been created with the right, quality materials is crucial if you are looking for a long lasting sofa. 

However, the frustrating part of shopping for a new sofa is that they all look the same – just with different names and price tags! Often the differentiator is hidden under the fabric in the frame, suspension and foam. 

Below we explore the different types of springs or webbing used in the cushions that are commonly used by furniture manufacturers. Be sure to also check out our blogs on selecting the best fabric for your lifestyle,  what is the best foam for long lasting cushions, and the power of a good frame

What is the Purpose of Suspension?

The springs inside your sofa are used to absorb shock and can provide firmness and elasticity for the seat of the couch. The quality of springs used works together with the quality of the foam and framing. They are like one big team holding you up while you read your favorite book, or have a movie marathon with the family. 

4 Types of Suspension

Pocket Coil Springs

You’ve probably heard this term quite a bit, especially when relating to mattresses. This type of spring tends to hold it’s shape better and support better over time. Generally, pocket springs will last a long time which is perfect for those who value longevity in their sofas. 

Sinuous Springs

Also referred to as “S” springs, this is the most commonly seen suspension system in mid-tier sofas. Made with heavy gauge steel wires bent into a continuous line of vertical S shaped coils. Horizontal metal tie rods reinforce the coils, inhibiting shifting and sagging. Typically a heavier gauge steel is used and a greater number of springs with few spacings provide more comfort.


Web suspension is a design that creates a sofa cushion support similar to a hammock. The strips are stretched across the seating frame and tacked into place to provide support for the cushions.

8 Way Hand Tied Springs

This is considered the ultimate choice in high-quality sofa construction. Using a heavy guage steel coil at the base, a craftsman then works with high quality twin to tie each coil spring together, crossed in 8 different directions. This process helps guarantee sturdy support and limits individual sagging of any one spring over the lift of the sofa.

Which Type of Suspension is Best? 

There are 2 clear winners for the best type of suspension to be used for a sofa – Sinuous ‘S’ Springs and 8 Way Hand Tied Springs. The determining factor in deciding between the two is simply cost. 

Because of the labor involved in creating an 8 way hand tied spring, this will significantly raise the cost of the sofa. It will however also extend the longevity of the suspension. 

If you still want to invest in a quality sofa, but maybe don’t want to spend as much as you would with the above springs, then purchasing a sofa with Sinuous Springs is also an excellent choice. The spring construction is solid, and will last many many years. 

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