The Home Office.

In today’s world a home office space is ever more common in most homes. Sometimes an office may simply be a small desk & chair in a corner of the house, and sometimes you may be lucky enough to have an entire room! Wherever your home office is, make the space truly yours!

Browse common products you would find in an office or den space below, as well as take a peek at the inspiration gallery to see a few of our favorite home offices in showhomes in and around Edmonton. 

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Inspiration Gallery

Minimalistic Scandinavian Style

Neutral tones paired with pops of a few colours can create a calming and comfortable environment. We added the Eket shelving from Ikea too. These are great because they can be wall mounted to allow for vertical storage & come in many different colours to suit your style!

Masculine Industrial Style

Combining leather, metal & wood throughout. If you have any entire room you can dedicate to an office space (lucky you!) we recommend adding in some book cases. This will allow your to stay organized and tuck away any excess papers, books, etc. Less clutter = more work done! Bonus if you can even fit in a cozy accent chair too!

Feminine Modern Style

Soft pops of pinks and champagne bronze metals gives this space a softer, more feminine feel. This layout is perfect for smaller spaces like a living room or hallway. A wall desk allows you to use the space as both a desk and a shelf. This specific desk can be added to it’s matching wall shelf for more storage. A chair can easily be pulled up an tucked away when not in use.