Design a Custom Sofa or Sectional to fit your personal style and needs

Scroll down to see how you can customize a sofa, sectional or even accent chair. Then book a no obligation consultation to meet with an interior designer who will help you put all the custom pieces together to create your one of a kind sofa.

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Ensuring your new sofa has been created with the right, quality materials is crucial if you are looking for a long lasting sofa. Click here to read more about the materials that make up a quality sofa.  But there is one more thing that all of us at designQ Shop also think adds into the quality factor – and that is that our sofas and upholstered goods are all made in Canada! That has to add in some quality points, yes? We think so!

Step 1: Choose The Style

We have numerous styles of custom sofas that can be chosen in up to 6 different configurations, and available in a wide array of fabric colors & materials. 
In addition, most of these custom sofas can also be done as a sectional in almost any configuration you can dream up! 

Step 2: Choose The Configuration

Most options come in the below 5 options, plus you can usually add a matching ottoman as well. Some styles can be converted into a sectional too!

Standard Sofa

Apartment Sofa


Chair & 1/2


Custom Sectionals

Some collections are also available to be built as a custom sectional. You are able to literally fit the pieces you want together – like a sectional jigsaw puzzle!
Here are a few example configurations from the Chloe Collection, but as always you can customize to your heart’s content. 

Example 1
Example 2
Example 3

Designer Curated Sectional Inspiration Gallery

Step 3: Choose The Fabric

designQ offers hundreds of different fabric textures, colors and grades. So no matter what you are looking for we probably have it! We have selected 12 of the most popular colors below.

Essex Alabaster-reg METRO - alabaster
Tony Charcoal-reg METRO - charcoal
Jango Copen-Reg METRO - copen
Entice Graphite-reg METRO - graphite
Giovanna Moondust-reg METRO - moondust
Saville Oatmeal-reg custom sofa
Cuba Pebble-reg custom sofa edmonton
Aiden Platinum-Reg custom sofas
Silver Dollar
Element Silverdollar-reg custom sofas
Jango Snow-Reg custom sofas
Aiden Storm-Reg custom sofas

Step 4: Choose The Finishing Details

To a few of the collections you can also choose to add on, or remove, additional features as listed below. Inquire with the designer during your appointment to see what items you can add on to which collection. 




Horizontal or Vertical Channels



Step 5: Choose a Date for your Free Design Consultation

Now that you have an idea in mind of what you’d like your custom sofa or sectional to look like, schedule a complimentary, no obligation appointment today. Our professional interior designers would be happy to help you out!


Come in for a personalized design consultation, and let a professional interior designer help you build the sofa of your dreams.