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Fall Décor Ideas for Any Budget

Fall is here, and we absolutely LOVE this season at designQ. The colors, the fabrics, the smells – everything about it speaks to us. Our Visual Merchandiser & Interior Designer, Chelsi, is probably the biggest Fall lover of us all. So we drafted her to give us some Fall décor ideas that anyone could achieve in their own home. 

Chelsi hit up the local HomeSense and purchased a a few Fall inspired décor items to show you how easy and affordable it can be to get your home ready for the season. 

Keep Some of Your Existing Décor Pieces

Switching up your décor for the seasons doesn’t have to be expensive! Chelsi recommends to keep some of your existing décor pieces, such as large mirrors, vases, even neutral colored blankets or pillows.

You can easily incorporate them with smaller seasonal pieces, especially if they are neutral colors. If you do have a large art piece that is very “seasonal focused” in the same area you are decorating, then you may want to switch that out too. 

Add in Seasonal Flowers

Greenery is always in style, no matter the season. For Fall, you really want to bring in harvest inspired plants & flowers such as sunflowers, wheat, mums or fountain grass. Adding in texture with twigs or branches adds to the outdoor essence. And of course using leaves in the shades of orange, red and yellow will really help tie it all together. 

And speaking of “tying it all together”, if you are creating your own floral arrangement think about using natural materials such as burlap to finish it off. 

TIP: The flower arrangement Chelsi used for the fireplace mantle is actually meant to hang on the wall! So don’t limit yourself to only using items meant for specific purposes – get creative with your décor! 

Heat Things Up with Fall Scented Candles

The Autumn season is all about being cozy and warm. Think chunky knits, fuzzy blankets, hot coffee. To create that warm, cozy ambiance indoors try adding in some candles. They don’t have to be scented either, although being surrounded by the smell of apple cinnamon pie all day does sound nice! 

Chelsi suggests looking for candles that not only smell like Fall, but have the colors of Fall as well. Most of the time candles come in a container of some sort, so you can use that to bring in extra colors to your décor. Go for greens, oranges, yellows or even browns to really capture the feel of a forest walk during a crisp Fall day. 

Don’t Overwhelm with Themed Décor 

fall decor ideas

When decorating for any season, you want to try to ease back a bit on really themed décor (except for maybe at Christmas.. snowmen & reindeers might be the exception!). What we mean by this is don’t go crazy with the pumpkins and turkeys. You don’t want to overwhelm the space with the season, you just want to lightly sprinkle Autumn into your home using Fall colors, smells and florals. 

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have any pumpkins! Grab a few that really speak to you, but then stop there, and let the rest of the décor items do the talking.

Snug as a Bug in a Rug (or a Blanket)

And lastly don’t forget about the blankets! It’s time to swap out the lighter fabric materials & colors, and bring in the rusts, greens, oranges and golds. And they must be fuzzy, cozy and comfy! 

You can bring in those same colors with accent pillows as well. If you have a neutral colored couch or pillows already, it would be easy to grab just a few fall colored pillows or blankets to keep the costs down. 

Adding in natural looking baskets to hold your blankets and extra pillows is a great addition too. The natural look and texture of the baskets will help to bring in the season too! 

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The décor products used in this post were all purchased from HomeSense.