spring decorating ideas

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring is in the air, and so it’s time to get your spring decorating into full gear. We headed out to our local HomeSense to purchase a few things to transform this home from winter ready to spring ready. Check out our top 6 spring decorating ideas below! 

1 | Organize and De-Clutter

This may not be a decorating tip per-say, but you can’t start re-decorating until you’ve cleaned up the clutter from Fall and Winter. Set aside some time to go through your pantry & drawers, closets and cupboards and ditch anything you didn’t even remember you had. 

Often times our pantries will get muddle with old, almost empty chip bags or the containers you bought to hold the cereals will hold up the cereal boxes instead of holding in the cereal. It’s time to re-organize and re-purpose to get a fresh start. 

Another great de-cluttering idea is to go through the closets in your home, and put your winter cloths into boxes for next year, and replace them with your summer clothes. This will keep your closets tidy, and your mornings running smoothly. If you have older items or pieces your kids might have outgrown consider donating them to a local charity. 

2 | Fresh Flowers or Greenery

spring decorating ideas

Transitioning over from the heavy Fall and Winter foliage, Spring is the time to bring in beautiful fresh flowers in natural colors to brighten up your home. Tulips are an obvious choice as they scream Spring, but you can also try flowers such as lilies, orchids or daffodils. Anything that symbolizes new growth and warmer days ahead. 

If you aren’t a fan of fresh flowers, you can still liven things up by adding in faux flowers. The look of artificial flowers these days is sometimes hard to determine if they are fake or real. Which means you can still have the attention fresh flowers demand, but without the upkeep. 

Greenery such as ferns, palms or eucalyptus are also a great choice to bring in that Spring feel to your home. And if you can add in a tulip or two – all the better! 

3 | Swap Upholstery & Linens

During the winter months we wanted cozy, warm and snuggly fabrics to keep us snug and warm. We typically went for deeper, warmer shades to help with the overall feel of comfort and warmth. 

But warmer days are ahead and it’s time to ditch those dark tones and bring in some bright, cheerful colors. One way to achieve this is to swap out pillows, throw blankets and bed sheets. 

Spring colors are typically yellows, pinks, light blues and greens. It’s amazing how just a few simple throw pillows can really transform the look of a room. 

spring decorating ideas

4 | Spring Table Settings

spring decorating ideas

Another easy way to bring in Spring is to swap our your place settings at the table. This is something that is often overlooked, but it makes so much sense! Dishes such as plates, bowls and cups are no longer something that you can only get with your wedding registry. Pop over to your local HomeSense and you will find a ton of seasonal place settings at great prices. Meaning you can have a set for all 4 seasons! 

Similar to the idea of switching out pillows and throw blankets on your couch, try swapping the deep blue napkins to bright yellow, and adding in fun, airy placemats. Then of course add in a beautiful fresh flower centerpiece, and Voila! Spring has arrived for breakfast. 

5 | Bright & Light Window Coverings

spring decorating ideas

Another spring decorating idea to help freshen up your home, is to switch out drapery panels. This one may not be feasible to everyone but we love the idea of having crisp, white or cream panels for spring and summer and to leave the deep, velvety colors for fall and winter. 

Linen or sheer type material is best for a natural, beach-like aesthetic. The idea is to let the sunshine and summer breeze in to create a relaxing, fresh space. 

6 | Spring Décor 

Last but not least – spring décor. This spring decorating idea is probably the easiest way to bring spring into your home, and also the most fun! 

There are a lot of different ways to spruce up your décor. You can try switching out frames in your home with cute spring images, adding fresh smelling candles and even adding in a few bunny’s or chicks here and there. It can be as simple as heading to your local décor store and purchasing a few key items such as those mentioned above. Just be sure to get there early in the season to get the good stuff! 

See the Transformation!

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Showhome: Pacesetter Homes Willow in Secord. 
Spring décor purchased at HomeSense.