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The Secret To The Best Quality Couches

The secret to the best quality couches can be found under the fabric! Ensuring your new couch has been created with the right quality materials is crucial if you are looking to invest in a long lasting sofa.

Curious as to what those materials are? Watch the below video as I talk about the most durable framing material, which foam is the most resilient and what type of suspension provides the best shock absorption.  

If you want to learn more about each of the items than what is covered in the video, check out our detailed blog posts on each topic: The Power of a Good Frame , It’s All in the Foam, and Springs & Suspension. Once you’ve got those covered, why not read about the best sofa fabrics for kids, pets & everything in between. Then you will be well prepared to make the investment in your relaxation and comfort. 

Bonus Secret!

What I mentioned in the video are the best quality materials to watch for in finding the best quality couches. But there is one more thing that all of us at designQ Shop also think adds into the quality factor – and that is that our sofas and upholstered goods (chairs, ottomans, sectionals, etc) are all made in Canada! That has to add in some quality points, yes? We think so! 

Click here to read more about one of the custom upholstery manufacturers we use – Van Gogh Designs. They have a massive state of the art manufacturing facility located in South Surrey, British Columbia! Check them out and see for yourself why we love them!

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