This isn’t your Grandma’s Wallpaper. 

Adding wallpaper to your home adds a statement to any room. Our wallpaper gallery is located in Edmonton, AB and is sure to get your imagination going. Currently our wallpaper is not available for sale online, however please reach out to us and we would be happy to help process your order! Additionally, most wallpapers can be seen in various showhomes throughout Edmonton & Surrounding Areas. Check out the inspiration gallery below, and then take a drive to the showhome to see it in person. 

If you aren’t sure which wallpaper to choose, schedule a free design consultation with one of our designers and let them help you accessorize your walls.

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Inspiration Gallery

Get Wallpaper Inspiration From Our Showhomes in Edmonton, AB

About our Wallpaper

Our wallpaper gallery is located in Edmonton, AB but our wallpaper is manufactured in the United Kingdom, and distributed by Canadian owned & operated businesses! 

designQ Shop uses 2 wallpaper manufacturers to ensure we have a varied amount of styles, textures and materials to choose from. Read below for a few frequently asked questions about our wallpaper. If you have further questions please send us an email

Where is the wallpaper made? The wallpaper is designed and produced in the United Kingdom. 

Is it easy to install? You can install wallpaper on your own, however for your sanity and the overall appearance of the wallpaper, we recommended getting a professional to install the wallpaper

Do you have an installer? We do! Our installer is probably one of the best installers in Edmonton! He has been installing wallpaper for over 10 years, and knows how to match up patterns and lines effortlessly. 

How do I know how much to order? Wallpaper is all ordered by the double roll. Based on the width of the paper, and the sqft of the wall, you can determine how many rolls you need. But don’t worry! We take care of all of that for you during your appointment!

Is it easy to remove? Is any wallpaper easy to remove? Joking aside it really does depend on the type of backing the paper has, and how it was applied. The majority of our wallpapers have a non-woven backing, which makes it easier to remove later. 

What materials are used to make the wallpaper? Our wallpapers are manufactured using water based, non-toxic inks, which are environmentally safe and printed on responsibly sourced, recyclable, non woven substrates. 

What does ‘non-woven’ mean? A non woven wallcovering is a product which fits halfway between a fabric and a paper. These wallpapers tends to have a more luxury feel and touch because they contain synthetic fibers – more like a fabric. Non-woven wallpapers are easily strippable due to the mix of fibers and paper. 

How are the patterns printed? Patterns can be applied to the paper in a few different ways. Surface printing is a heritage technique that forms patterns that look as though they have been painted by hand. Digitally printed offers unlimited colors and dramatic large scale designs. 

Some patterns are adorned with lavish, velvety flocks, glistening beads, high sheen foils, contemporary metallic and textured inks. 

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Selecting the right wallpaper can be daunting. There are many styles, colors, textures to choose from. So why not get help from our expert designers?! Click below to book a complimentary wallpaper consultation.