Offering a Timeless Style to Compliment any Décor. 

Faux Wood Blinds have a classic look to them that can last through any changing trend. They are easy to operate, and come in a variety of different colors and textures. 

All About Faux Woods

faux wood blinds

Our blinds are made & manufactured in Ontario by Maxxmar Window Fashions, a Canadian owned  & operated business. Click here to read more about Maxxmar Window Fashions.

Faux Woods are made from a unique blend of resin and wood fused together to imitate the look and warmth of traditional wood blinds. They are available in 2″ slats only. 

Maxxmar Window Fashions warrants all blinds and shades under a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty covers and is inclusive against any defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser of the product. 

Faux Woods are covered under normal use for a period of five (5) years. This warranty does not cover curling, soiling, scratching, normal fading or loss of color intensity from use. In addition, the warranty does not cover variations in texture or colour grain. Refer to the full warranty guidelines for a detailed guide. 

  • Ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchen
  • The faux wood slats resist fading, warping & cracking in comparison to it’s wood counterpart
  • The Trapezoid shaped bottom rail offers tight slat closure and sits cleanly on the window frame
  • Due to the construction of the faux wood blinds, cleaning can be a bit trickier. 

Included Features

When you purchase faux wood blinds with designQ Shop, the following items are included in the cost of the product. 

To learn more about each of the components of a blind, click here to read our blog. 

Level 0 Color Options

These color options are included with the faux wood blind package selection. All images shown are for reference only and may not reflect the accurate color. 

Solid Colors

Color: Arctic
Pattern: 300
Level 0

Color: Natural
Pattern: 306
Level 0

Color: Cotton
Pattern: 310
Level 0

Color: Maple
Pattern: 311
Level 0

Color: Spice
Pattern: 312
Level 0

Textured Colors

Color: Cotton Textured
Pattern: 301
Level 0

Color: Cream Textured
Pattern: 303
Level 0

Color: Sesame Textured
Pattern: 304
Level 0

Color: Tusk Textured
Pattern: 305
Level 0

Color: Natural Textured
Pattern: 307
Level 0

Color: Honey Textured
Pattern: 308
Level 0

Color: Walnut Textured
Pattern: 313
Level 0

Level 1 Color Options

These color options are 1 step up from the included options above. All images shown are for reference only and may not reflect the accurate color. 

Solid Colors

Color: Alabaster
Pattern: 004
Level 1

Color: Off-White
Pattern: 010
Level 1

Color: Charcoal
Pattern: 053
Level 1

Color: Grey
Pattern: 094
Level 1

Color: Coffee
Pattern: 130
Level 1

Color: Snowflake
Pattern: 202
Level 1

Color: Birch
Pattern: 236
Level 1

Color: Steel
Pattern: 288
Level 1

Color: Dove
Pattern: 293
Level 1

Color: Chestnut
Pattern: 405
Level 1

Textured Colors

Color: Alabaster Textured
Pattern: 004-T
Level 1

Color: Off-White Texture
Pattern: 010-T
Level 1

Color: Grey Texture
Pattern: 094-T
Level 1

Color: Ice Texture
Pattern: 097-T
Level 1

Color: Steel Texture
Pattern: 288-T
Level 1

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