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Sunset Shades are a beautiful shade with light flexibility and easy operation. Sunset Shades will offer a soft statement to any room in your home, combining sheer & solid vanes of fabric for a stunning look. 

All about the Sunset Shade

Our blinds are made & manufactured in Ontario by Maxxmar Window Fashions, a Canadian owned  & operated business. Click here to read more about Maxxmar Window Fashions.

Sunset Shades consist of a solid and a sheer fabric stitched together for an elegant and sophisticated look. The material itself is chosen by you! There are a wide range of materials, colors & opacities to choose from, each with their own unique UV value.

Maxxmar Window Fashions warrants all blinds and shades under a Lifetime Limited Warranty. This warranty covers and is inclusive against any defects in material and workmanship to the original purchaser of the product. 

Sunset Shades are covered under normal use for a period of five (5) years. This warranty does not cover curling, soiling, scratching, normal fading or loss of color intensity from use Refer to the full warranty guidelines for a detailed guide. 

Sunset Shades have exceptional light filtering capability. You can choose to have the solid vanes of fabric showing for room darkening, or you can let some light in by showing the sheer vane. They are also easy to clean!

Depending on the fabric chosen, the sunset shade can be a bit more of an imposing style. 

Included Features

sunset shades

When you purchase a sunset shade with designQ Shop, the following items are included in the cost of the product. To view the premium upgrades available with this product, head to the next section. 

A sunset cassette in a fabric wrapped finish is included. Click here to learn what a cassette is!

A fabric wrap is the same fabric chosen for the shade is simply wrapped around the cassette. 

The bottom rail will be in a coordinating color to match the chosen fabric.

Click here to learn what a bottom rail is for.

The included operating system for a roller shade is the Decora Slim or Genius Wand. These options adhere to the new child safety regulations for cordless window coverings. 

** Photo does not show these options. 

There is a large selection of available fabrics to pick from. The included selections are all 100% polyester, and have a semi-private opacity level. 

Premium Options

If you want to add a little extra to your sunset shades consider a premium option from the below list. 

Premium Cassette Options include:

  • Grande Cassette in a mirage finish

Premium Operating Systems include: 

If you want room darkening you can choose to add an ‘Opera’ shade behind the main sunset shade. This shade operates independently of the main one. 

If you choose to add an ‘Opera’ shade it comes with a special cassette to encase both rolls. 

In addition to the large selection of included fabrics, there are even more premium options to choose from. All fabrics have a semi-private opacity level. 

Request a Quote

Interested in adding sunset shades to your home? Click below to request a quote from our window covering team at designQ Shop. All quotes will include the included options, unless otherwise specified by you. Check measure & install fees are also included.